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Jan 23rd, 2013
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non-fishing CLASSIFIEDS Jump to new posts
Re: FS: 1966 Winchester Centennial commemorative - unfired Snug 1 minute ago
Trade for a Ruger 454 casual Super Redhawk with 100 plus rounds of ammo?
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Catfishing Jump to new posts
Re: Jugging with live bait? Mckinneycrappiecatcher 2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by uncle_bagster
Some anglers swear by bullheads, especially when limb-line fishing for flatheads.

Bullheads, small carp (under 2lbs), and bluegill are all good baits, the issue is finding them
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Re: Your favorite football player Pintail711 24 minutes ago
[Linked Image]
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Re: what stupid stunts did ya pull as a kid? Medinalakeguy 27 minutes ago
Slingshots with gravel pegging road signs on the way back from the lake
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Crappie Fishing Jump to new posts
Re: Brazos river crappie BP5168 35 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Texas Grown
Be watch-n for The Wild Thing (G3 river 1648 river jon with a tiller Etech). I run that same area of river all the time from the "to shalla to boat" to steele creek. Sometimes have a white lab dog with me if no one else is go-n. Only now I've got pods on the back too. [Linked Image]

I live in Burleson on NE Murphy .... yell at me sometime if you wanna go fishin. I go alone a lot too, since I've been fishing in the middle of the week too. LOL.
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Bass Fishing Jump to new posts
Re: Define a "good" fishing day Mo_Cat 37 minutes ago
Any day on the water is a great day if I don't tear up or break something
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Boats 4 Sale Jump to new posts
Re: 2019 Phoenix 721 w/250 Mercury 4 Stroke armyltc 43 minutes ago
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Boats 4 Sale Jump to new posts
Re: 2019 Skeeter ZX250 armyltc 47 minutes ago
Says he is in rockwall on his profile, boat looks mint, doesn’t even have tx stickers in it yet
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General Equipment Discussion Jump to new posts
Re: Oxygenator for livewells Flippin-Out 48 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Allison1
Anybody ever use one who thinks they don't work?
I used the smallest one for a couple years and IMO it worked noticeably better than without it.
In the hottest days of summer I could keep a bunch of sandies happy for half a day with it. Without it and running the livewell constantly, a single venturi system, some would die.

I have changed over to a oxygen tank since but don't fish tournaments anymore so I rarely even use that.

Saying they don't work? I wouldn't.

You have made what science calls anecdotal observations. You really didn't measure definitive change or cause. TPWD, on the other hand, measured the oxygen saturation level in a livewell (with no fish in it), and found a negligible change in the oxygen level. Running dual aerators full time made a greater difference. So, does it increase oxygen? Yep, it does....but so little one would ponder "why bother?"
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Re: Why was the college team DQ ed JacksonBean 53 minutes ago

With so much on the line, I sure wish they would have called in to clarify. What a deal. I’d be sick.
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Bass Fishing Jump to new posts
Re: SFA Wins National Championship JacksonBean 56 minutes ago


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Crappie Fishing Jump to new posts
Re: On Lake Tyler when will the crappie move shallow? Mckinneycrappiecatcher 58 minutes ago
Sounds about right to me. Once it warms up a few degrees they’ll move out to the end of your dock in what sounds like a staging area. You need consistent heat to push them up on the banks. These periods of 2-3 warms days followed by a front won’t do it.
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Re: WHERE AM I? butch sanders 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by BCBassCat
Do you think of RR when you shower?

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Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: It’s no worse than the flu you knuckleheads 2 Bee'z 1 hour ago
Only time will tell is correct. Ask one of our moon bat liberal fumb ducks and he is killing more than hitler did already hammer
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Bank Fishing Jump to new posts
Re: Lake Somerville warmsmile 1 hour ago
Haha ,One dozen of J-Moe’s fish came into my bucket! What a nice guys! You two have magic fly!

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Crappie Fishing Jump to new posts
Re: Income Tax filed,... Piscivore 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by banker-always fishing

I am glad someone especially an angler is getting a refund! clap As for me I pay every year! bang

Would you rather give the government a free loan for the year, or would you rather have the government give you a free loan for the year?
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Bass Fishing Jump to new posts
Re: Plastic Worm ID Bayou Burner 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Jarrett Latta
Similar to the old man's jelly worm. My stepdad only used the Mann's and they caught fish as good as anything

I used to be a fiend for the old auger tail worms when I was a kid.
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Whites - Hybrids - Striper Jump to new posts
Re: Any Sabine River updates? texcajun 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by TroyKing
Originally Posted by texcajun
Originally Posted by psycho0819
Got back from our trip out there last night. Went ahed and blew off any attempt this morning and came on home. Spent Friday downstream of Jane's in the morning, then up to Murval in the afternoon. Saturday we fished from the ramp at 2517, up 6-mile, and then all the way down to just above Murval. We went to the back of hill lake on 6-mile, about 2miles back into Socogee looking for some clear water, into Murval a little ways, and a few other smaller feeders. Hit many sandbars and just about any place that looked like it might be holding a fish. 3 people in the boat, and we did not boat a single fish. My boat has several new battle scars from being back in the creeks, it was an adventure.

The best report we got was 6 fish in one boat, a first hand report of 4, and a whole lot of nothings. I'm pretty decent at finding those fish over a wide range of conditions and it was a humbling trip.

The water is now as high as I've aver attempted to fish it. Lots of debris blowing down the river. Whole trees in some cases, but lots of stuff to tear up a boat if you're not paying attention for just a few seconds. Current swift enough to get you in trouble if you're not experienced at navigating moving water.

If there was one good thing about it, we saw quite a bit of wildlife. With the river being up to and out of the banks you can see across land, not just the banks like anything significantly lower.

If you must go, then Jane's high water ramp is good, as was 2517 when we left. We used both.

Also be aware, the ants are piled up on driftwood and on trees. Not good to discover that by mistake. We saw several decent colonies of them over a few days.

I'm going to wait til the river comes down and make another attempt at it, hopefully within a couple weeks.

We ran all over the river and hit every spot you mentioned last week (and some you didn't). Our group lucked into a big pile of whites on Wednesday of last week, but the rain blew them out by the next day. I personally only caught 10 fish last week and I fished as hard as I have ever fished the Sabine.

Are any of you guys using side imaging to try to find them?

Both boats used side imaging and with the exception of Wednesday a week ago, couldn't mark any white bass concentrations.
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Trading Post - Swap - Classifieds Jump to new posts
Re: For Sale: G Loomis Rods "Brand New " Champion 221 Elite 1 hour ago
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Re: Friday night jams; we're all doomed edition 6StringMercenary 1 hour ago
...and as the last one, the song that'll play at my funeral. It has been written, it will be done.

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Re: surgical masks, prevent infection or spread? JacksonBean 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Bob Davis
Hey medical folks like Ray Bob and all, do these surgical masks prevent you from breathing in a virus OR prevent you from breathing out a virus and spreading it?

It helps with droplet / aerosol spray mainly, not inspired air. Remember it’s traditionally been worn by the person attempting to contain THEIR germs (the sick person or medical staff) but somewhere along the way the Asian community thought it kept them from getting sick. Meanwhile, in airports all across the country, we dodged them thinking they were infectious once they donned the mask.

It will surely help you keep aerosol particles out of your airway if you’re around sick people coughing, sneezing or even talking. It’s also important to remember that many of these cultures will pack as many humans as possible into public modes of transport where strangers are literally breathing/sneezing/coughing ON you.

If you’re sick, it absolutely helps so we should all wear one or better yet..... stay home.
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Bass Fishing Jump to new posts
Re: TFF get hacked? Pitdad 2 hours ago
Here's a screenshot taken from the last popup. I use Macafee and know this is bogus. This only happens on the TFF site.

[Linked Image]
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Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: WOW TX, this is REAL!!!?? Dan90210 ☮ 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by GTrigg
Originally Posted by CCTX
Looks like a scam

I agree....

Of course it is.
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Bass Fishing Jump to new posts
Re: Big Bass Tour Conroe senko9S 2 hours ago
I saw that too... popcorn
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non-fishing CLASSIFIEDS Jump to new posts
Re: WANTED....Large 42” steel Burn pit/ Firepit... Allison1 2 hours ago
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