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Jan 23rd, 2013
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Tuesday Coffee Bandit 200 XP 40 minutes ago
coffee Morning Folks fish
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Re: Ramp funny Bandit 200 XP 41 minutes ago
Originally Posted by rj74955
Backed the trailer down the ramp yesterday with about 200 boats bobbing around out there, and an old man in a Nitro loaded all the way to the roller on the Ranger trailer. I got out and never said a word, as soon as he saw me he started laughing and said “ Hell, that’s not even the right color truck.”

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Re: They are going back to Vegas !!! Bandit 200 XP 57 minutes ago
My neighbor's grandson is number 1 in World calf roping in PRCA , good kid and is only 19, he won Houston
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Re: PSA Bandit 200 XP 1 hour ago
Buy walmart ice cream and put Dr. Pepper in it , pretty good in the heat
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Re: Power Tackle Stroker XS 1 hour ago
I have 13 power tackle rods without a single failure yet (cross my fingers)! I’ve broken 3 lews this year setting the hook and boat flipping. Not knocking Lews because those ledge series rods have been through a lot. A lot of good rods out there these days but after testing many different brand power tackle has stood out to me over the years.
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Re: Shout Out To Dannie Golden Pk Lake 2 hours ago
Pk lake. Steve Mccain!
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Re: Cedar Creek wh2004 2 hours ago
Thanks Jon’s. I didn’t realize that. We will be out there June 24th.
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Re: Fishy Art Pot licker 4 hours ago
I fell in love with the fishy art I just had to have one. I love love love it! I would have put it up sooner, but Rocko decided to sit on the box on the way home and broke 3 of the plants. I snitched on him to Melissa and she sent me 3 plants to replace the broken ones. Great service and super friendly. Thank you again Melissa.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Re: Red Birds at Rangers lconn4 4 hours ago
Rangers are as good as anyone... listened to interview with their coach earlier, he is definitely happy to be coaching again.
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Re: Next Door ShinerInTx 4 hours ago
Ill tell you what this is.

Its those damn cocaine turtles.
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Re: Early arrival lconn4 4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Gusick
Do the coons get along with the marsupial?

never have a problem with any of them even when they are feeding right next to each other.. skunks the same way unless a baby raccoon tries to show off by standing on hind lakes trying to make itself look bigger. same thing with Lucky, if those little raccoons act tough he will slap them good.. Didnt want him to do that last night on first meeting..so I put him in the house when it looked like he was about to show little ones who is who at the house.
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Re: PSA All Star Voting, MLB lconn4 4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Allison1

You can vote 5 times a day.

just like in elections roflmao
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Re: Day #1021 picture..."some neat views but" TxDanFishMan 5 hours ago

It can definitely get sketchy when you are riding on the outside edge / ledge

[Linked Image]
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Re: As seen on TV products... That work! LoneStarSon 5 hours ago
Originally Posted by Texan Til I Die
Had this thing for 25 - 30 years. Used it this weekend.

[Linked Image]

I didn't know it was an as seen on tv product! My sister bought one for my mom years and years ago. I was still using it when I lived at the lake. I'm not sure if we still have it or if Mom got rid of it when she cleaned out the lake house when it sold. I love that thing!!!
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Re: Questions about Fluorocarbon line Frank the Tank 5 hours ago
Originally Posted by tmd11111
Originally Posted by ezbassin
Originally Posted by avid_basser
Originally Posted by Sinkey
I went strictly to Sunline because of the break off issues with them.


My first experiments with "premium" flouro was with Invizx and AbrasX. Wasn't a fan a stuck with Berkley 100%. Was gifted a box of Sunline Sniper and never looked back.

I bought a box of Sunline Sniper in 15# test and it broke on me 3 times the first time I used it so I went back to Invizx that was over a year old and never broke off. I will never use Sunline fluorocarbon line again.

15# Sniper? Interesting since it’s not offered in that test.

roflmao roflmao consider the source
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Re: Pro-tech white issue Bassjiggin1955 5 hours ago
I have two commercial double door ovens with high speed fans built into the ovens to push the air around when I fire my jig heads they hold 1200 jigs pre over. 350 degrees for 40 mins. I powder coat multi color jig heads alot some I put up to 5 colors on a single jig head with one heat application before I fire them.
When firing the heads the fans push the hot air and make the powder paint come out with different swirl patterns on the jig heads. Every one comes out with a different pattern.
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Re: Hybrid spotted bass ? Id help please grout-scout 5 hours ago
I’m not familiar with the fish up there, but it looks kinda like a mean mouth to me.
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Re: tournaments markvos 5 hours ago
If iam not mistaken. The gentleman who ran it passed away last year
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There have been several questions on off limits period. For the WTBT Open Tournament there is NO OFF limits period. The rules for the OPEN Tournament have been added to the website. Registration will be at the bridge ramp starting at 5 am. Lines in at 6:15 and lines out at 3:00 PM. Weigh in closes at 4:00 sharp. This tournament is looking like we are going to have a great turnout. As always if you have any questions feel free to give me a call. Looking forward to seeing everyone there this Saturday. I'm always willing to answer any questions!!! 254-631-1852 ToddWEST TEXAS BASS TRAIL
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Re: In 1982 This Georgia Town mandated gun ownership warcry 5 hours ago
Originally Posted by Allison1
Kind of hard to know if it made a difference. They did not even know how many people actually got a gun because of the law.

From the article OP posted...

"One year after the ordinance was enacted, burglaries plummeted a staggering 89 percent even though the state only saw a 10.4-percent decrease in the same category"

The whole reason for passing the law was to inform potential thug criminals that the very citizens they were planning on attacking would quite possibly be armed due to the law. It worked. I remember the local news stations reporting the declines in various crime categories a year after the ordinance was put in place.

It was the talk of the state.
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Re: Misc Humminbird and Garmin Items for sale Flyingjoe 6 hours ago
I'll take the 20 ft and 5ft Ethernet cables. I will call you tomorrow for payment and shipping info.
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Re: Pistol brace rule, good news COFF 6 hours ago
Originally Posted by butch sanders
Originally Posted by Jim Ford
Originally Posted by hopalong
got my first sbr approval last week, just over 4 weeks for that one, still 3 more to go. grin

the whole atf making rule changes at will is not going to last if it makes it to scotus, they can go ask the epa how that works.

I registered four on the 22nd of last month; I was expecting a 2 year plus response. Thanks for the update. I was reluctant, but since I already have several NFA stamps, I figured I’m not really giving anything up. I guess checks and balances are just a fairy tale now…….

Oh, and for Butch Sanders: None of them were purchased online utilizing counterfeit credentials.

did you hear about the Dallas PD's computer system being hacked ?
it is really EZ to manipulate things on the internet

As far as I know, Dallas PD does not sell guns.
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Re: Why Do Women... Hook'em79 6 hours ago
What side of town does Sancho live on?
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Re: Concrete Quote-Is it In range? ShinerInTx 6 hours ago
I had a patio poured this spring. It was about 300 sqft at 4" thick. That comes to about 3.7 yard, cost $2700, and about $9/sqft. I didnt have any labor to remove an old slab. I did have extra labor because all excavation was by hand, dirt wheelbarrowed out and hauled off. The concrete had to be wheelbarrowed to my backyard. Things like an old slab removal could be significant. Overall, seems like you're in the ballpark to me based on square footage though.

A couple thoughts. Is the 27X30' a 5" thick slab for 13 yards?

I wouldn't consider 7 yards a small project. Youre talking 20'X28'x4" thick without accounting for extra...
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Re: Community Lakes fshng84 6 hours ago
Here is the follow up edited video of the last GoPro Mobile Fishing Livestream. Slow start but bite picked up when the weax changed!
#fishing #ultralightfishing #bfsfishing
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