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Jan 23rd, 2013
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Kayak Fishing
44 seconds ago
Originally Posted by Jerry713
Originally Posted by lconn4
[quote=Tallgrass05]I would not use JB on a leak, I'd use 3M 5200 marine adhesive.

Have you had a bad experience using it? Its not for rookies though we all have to start somewhere. roflmao

3M 5200 is simply a superior product. [/quote

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Bass Fishing
2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by UTDmiller

There were plent of inconsistencies and a failed lie detector test... the he retook and later passed. Proven he lied about lake records using a picture of a fish he didnt even catch, etc... So much more in the article

Well after reading the article looks like he did cheat, a lot, unfortunately it never got proved. Page 7 of that article is a DOOZY.
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Trading Post - Swap - Classifieds
2 minutes ago
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Bass Fishing
2 minutes ago
100% go with extra fast tip. I use a Dobyns Champion 735C - MH, 5 power, extra fast tip and it’s incredible for froggin’
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Whites - Hybrids - Striper
3 minutes ago
Any update on how the water clarity is rebounding? Is there an established 'mud' line or still stained throughout? Planning on heading out this weekend to north end of lake but may head towards dam if still heavily stained. Thanks!
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4 minutes ago
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Bass Fishing
5 minutes ago
No sir. Bill Muntz did the work and he is in Temple
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Rough Fish / Carp
6 minutes ago
Fly record? The rod and real record is over 53lbs
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Rods & Reels
8 minutes ago
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Off Topic
11 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Dan90210 ☮

[Linked Image]

Just an observation but my dripple spot is a couple of inches further down my pant leg.

Originally Posted by Dan90210 ☮
Alright so... Guys. I'm definitely not an expert but I totally just caught a fish on the Fly! Beautiful little bluegill!

[Linked Image]

Your right about not being an expert, that is a white crappie.
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Bass Fishing
13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by buda13
Thats how you get out from under a $3k a month boat payment... nuts

That mishap gets you out from under the boat, not the mortgage on the boat I believe. violin
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Boats 4 Sale
14 minutes ago
I am negotiable on price!
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Off Topic
16 minutes ago
I try to encourage graduates to become a person to the professor and not a number. Even if you understand the content, schedule an appointment, make something up and go make them think you care. I also elaborate that the amount of time they are about to have will allow for all of their activities. Many kids are going from attending school 8am to 330pm plus whatever they do extra such as sports, band, ag, ect… 20 to 25 hours a week in college will put you in a position to be successful. Use the other 40 your awake for whatever you want or get a job.
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Tournament Dates & Information
16 minutes ago
I will be at Chandlers Landing Marina on June 25, 2019 at 4:45 pm to get everyone signed up for the Ray Hubbard Tuesday Evening Tournament. Participants will start leaving launch ramp in a numbered start after 5:50pm to go start fishing. First cast at 6pm.
The first 200 members will receive a Strike King Gift Pack with the $25 annual membership. Thank you Strike King!
Ardent Challenge allows participants to test drive rods & reels at each event. Thank You Ardent!
One Place per five paid with an additional place of Owner Hooks at each event. Thank You Owner!
Prestige Ford Bonus in force tonight! In addition to our regular payout the highest finishing team that uses a Ford F-Series truck to pull their boat to and from the Victory Fishing Events Tuesday Evening Tournament on Ray Hubbard Lake may be eligible to receive the $500 Prestige Ford Tuesday Evening Tournament Bonus. This bonus will be available for winning to qualified participants at the specified Victory Fishing Events Tournaments scheduled during the Tuesday Evening Series beginning on May 7, 2019.
Qualify for the 2019 Victory Fishing Events Championship on Saturday October 26, 2019 that will have at least a 200% payout!
Victory Fishing Events
Evening Series
Tuesday Evening on Ray Hubbard Lake
Fishing Hours: 6pm till 9:30pm
Register at: Chandlers Landing Marina
Register From: 4:45pm till 6pm
Team Entry: $70
Optional 8 1/2Lb. Super Bass: $10
On Ray Hubbard, a Largemouth Bass must be 14 inches to qualify for weigh-in. A smallmouth Bass must be at least 14 inches to qualify for weigh-in. Kentucky Spotted Bass must be 14 inches to qualify for weigh-in. The Super Bass must be 8 1/2lbs. or larger to qualify.
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Whites - Hybrids - Striper
17 minutes ago
Hybrids are kinda weird sometimes. In my experience, they take more of a Sandbass style pattern. Shallower than Stripers and are more active in hot water, than Stripers. But, sometimes they just won't eat. Idk why. I've had days this year where I'd set up on a school and catch 60 in an hour, next day same school- 20, the next weekend catch 10. That's with LB. I've out fished live shad with cut shad on occasion. Sometimes, they wouldn't touch it. I feel like 90% of the time if you put food in front of a hungry fish they'll eat it (generalization) but there is certainly a random factor to Hybrids, in my opinion. Or maybe it is actually a pattern that I still don't know. I feel some lakes they behave better than others, also. I'll catch them over any other freshwater fish though. I do know that.
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Boats 4 Sale
17 minutes ago
This boat will be here Friday!!
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Bass Fishing
18 minutes ago
Was all over 2coolfishing yesterday. Prayers to the families of all involved.
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Boats 4 Sale
18 minutes ago
i had the pleasure to drive this boat yesterday.
by myself , no tackle it went 78.1 on the limiter.

added a 230 passenger it went 76 at 6100

had the passenger lay on the front deck it still went 76

with a 28 bravo this boat will run consistently 78-80 and handle like a cream puff.

June special pricing at 65,900
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Off Topic
19 minutes ago
I just had a phone conversation with one of Banker's family members, he is fine and will be back amongst us soon

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Crappie Fishing
21 minutes ago
Good read... always something as a boat owner..
Already been down that allergy road...
Good fishin’
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Off Topic
23 minutes ago
Not any longer. For a younger guy I had major back issues sitting on my wallet at my desk all day. Went to a chiropractor, that was a fried of the family, and he explained it this way; sitting on a wallet is like putting a shim under brand new cabinet that doesn't need it. After a while the door starts to drag then before you know it the door won't shut at all. He then told me that he has young children just like I do, I can come back regularly and contribute to his kids college fund or take the money and use it for my own kids.

For some reason that registered with me and I moved to the money clip in the front pocket. It basically eliminated my back issue.
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Off Topic
25 minutes ago
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Bank Fishing
26 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Coffeebreak
This morning I went there and it’s so sad to see piles of thrash everywhere near the Texas side and lot of cut baits and so on. We cannot stand there because of remains of cut baits smell so bad every where. Please those who use live and cut baits take care off that place other wise it’s gonna going to close that area as well very soon

People forgot that all the trash they leave there will end up in the water. Plastic bags and water bottle are the worst because it will eventually dissolved in the water and consumed by fish through the food chain and guess what? We eat those fish.. Dispose of your trash properly or you literally will be eating it.
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27 minutes ago
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Trading Post - Swap - Classifieds
32 minutes ago
Ft. Worth TX
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