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Jan 23rd, 2013
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Re: floor install Stump jumper 31 seconds ago
Originally Posted by Nickbyrd
Idk how willing you are sir but the flooring if your trying to do like the snap together wood planks isn’t very difficult . Could save yourself a ton of money .

yep, I did my dining room, den, hall, and one bedroom. Not hard with engineered wood. Hardest part is the moulding. You rneed a mitre saw and a finish nailer. I cut all the moulding and pre painted it.
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Re: can someone explain this HARD WORKN HAROLD 2 minutes ago
Eagles. eek2
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Re: Anthony Rendon H2O Seeker 2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Mike Keenan
I’d love to see the rangers get another Beltre at 3rd base... they need a good everyday guy like Donaldson

In his presser today JD eluded to the fact that they will 'address 3B' but the focus will be overall improvements to the team. Good political answer that tells the fan base nothing.
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Re: Feral Hogs Invade San Fran Suburb Pilothawk 3 minutes ago
How long before California requires rest areas on your property for the piggies?
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Re: Rayburn area info needed...re the "Big Guy" Dan90210 ☮ 3 minutes ago
Did she tell you about her adventures?

Had she had sightings?
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Re: Patriots.... again? Stump jumper 3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Chris B
Wish the Cowboys would at least try to cheat to win.

How do you know that they are not cheating and still losing?
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Re: 3.05 on Fork today JIM SR. 5 minutes ago
Mark it down, you heard it here first,....A Crappie lake record will be broken this spring, and Mr Cameron will do it.
Hopefully with me and Debbie in the boat..!!!

` hooked
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Re: Price negotiations for services Stump jumper 6 minutes ago
Electricity is one where I don't even bother calling my current provider when the contract is up. It is better just to go on Power to Chose and pick a new one. It is almost too easy other then the fact that you have to build a spreadsheet to do it properly on your own.
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Re: Hottest pepper V-Bottom 7 minutes ago
WOW....so many types of peppers and their origins. I make my own BBQ sauces and the pepper I use is the Smokey Dried Ancho. I would like to try others.What do you recommend? BTW: The wife doesn't care for High Heat! I like a mild bite.
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Re: TXHSFB - Semi-Finals (Round 5) H2O Seeker 8 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Indianation65
Much appreciation!


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Re: 1966 Comet update Stump jumper 10 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Oldrabbit
That engine brings back some fond memories. It's been a long time since I have seen and engine driven fuel pump and actual plug wires. Most everything has the short ones coming off of the coil packs. Sweet.

Last one I had was the 351 HO in my 1987 F150. The factory set the floats too high and the rich condition clogged the cats. I took it in to Ford and the service manager drove it. He got back and said seems fine but we will check it. They found the clogged cats and the high floats. They called me up and said "you were correct that thing was not running right". He had never driven the 351 HO. He said man that thing runs like a scalded ape now. Looking back today is hard to believe that engine labelled HO.
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Re: Live release saltwater fishing tournaments Jack46 12 minutes ago
Originally Posted by V-Bottom
Myself and my team ( Coastal Bend Weigh Team/Galv.Bay area) have worked many Saltwater Tournament weigh stations from Lake Calcasieu,La. to Aransas Pass since mid 1999, and still do. Some were Series Tournaments, Corporate Tournaments,Charity, local clubs, and Kids Tourney's. Some have been C&R, some are Semi-C&R. We will be providing weigh station services for Transocean/NOV come April on Galveston's West End.That's a "Semi-C&R". That's what I call it. Fish that are brought in Live get a half pound bonus to add to their stringer weight, then released on scene. I can only speak about tournaments we have worked. Other organizations would have to chime in on this thread.
Just wondering, how much do you charge to service any fishing tournament in Texas/LA? Are you the only 1 that does this for bay and saltwater fishing tournaments. There was some bass guy from up around Rayburn that was hooked up with the Trout Masters tournaments years ago around the coastal bay areas. He baled-out with the TM operations if I remember right.
From the tournament promoters point of view, the conservation look, financial pay-back, all the extra efforts and final $ reward was just not worth all the trouble and cost of keeping tournament fish alive for the weigh-in show. I remember back in the good old days when catch-kill and fish fry after the tournaments was fun and really cool?
When those spec trout tournaments in Texas and LA flopped, they really flopped bad. You are probably right, they just could not keep those specs alive in boat livewell and were a great PETA target. Politically incorrect and publically scorned out of business because they just could not keep those specs alive all day to the weigh-in so to speak.
I have heard that keeping a red fish alive in a livewell all day is really easy, easy like keeping a bass or a snake alive in a livewell all day.
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Re: OT Christmas party Dec 14th Frank the Tank 12 minutes ago
Originally Posted by RATZ
got a gift box from Lconn yesterday. I'm still laughing at what it is

Are those the naughty pics of you two at the cabin at Palestine?
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Re: Wife and I switched roles Der Vorsteher 14 minutes ago
I'm jelly, I will swap wives with you.

You will like her, I call her 2 tons of fun.
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Re: question for Tesla haters Blue Moon 15 minutes ago
I’ve been involved with dozens of startups so I naturally appreciate watching Elon Musk and his team shoot for the stars. Tesla, SpaceX, Starlink, OpenAI, and Neuralink all have innovative offerings that are likely to be a part of our lives for years to come. Then again, I know first hand that not all startups make it…

My sweetheart, a computer science and A.I. guru, is a leader in the autonomous driving realm. She’s currently on a team that's leading the way to make it all happen.

She could drive anything she wants but for the last several years has been happy driving a Honda CRV because she’s good at math and practical. That said, as long as the company weathers the financial storm and survives, I have little doubt that her next car will be a Tesla. She wants an AWD hatchback with some cargo room but she doesn’t want a full size SUV. She’s currently most interested in the Long Range AWD Model Y crossover but the production and delivery date keeps slipping.

If you want a Y and are worried about being an early adopter, go ahead and place your order now because by the time you get one any kinks will have been worked out.

We’ve been looking at Tesla for a couple of years and everything keeps looking better. All my initial concerns are slowing losing merit.

Instead of typical showrooms, Tesla has galleries. They offer an amazing and refreshing customer experience that absolutely puts every other vehicle shopping experience to shame. Even if you’re not in the market, visit one just for fun.

Worried about their financial outlook?

Jim Cramer turns bullish on Tesla — ‘I’m a true believer’ - December 11, 2019

LoopVenturers Study
Tesla Model 3 Cost of Ownership Slightly Cheaper Than a Camry

[Linked Image]

Like Tesla - Model 3 total cost of ownership is cheaper than Camry

Tesla 250 MPH Roadster, 0-60 1.9s, 620 mile range

Tesla CyberTruck, towing capacity r...ity reaches 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds…

Model Y - 66 cu ft cargo space, 300 mile range, AWD

Blue Moon
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Re: what percent of FLW and BASS opens are professional fishermen? Insurance man 15 minutes ago
Originally Posted by outfishdya
I thought the jersey made you a pro. Seems everyone out there has a jersey.

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Re: TFF Christmas Party? RATZ 19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by RATZ
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Re: Head count for x-mas party RATZ 20 minutes ago
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Re: new or remodel home design Scotty P 23 minutes ago
PM sent bgraham
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Rod Shipping Tubes - Free Tracker Tim 26 minutes ago
I have two cardboard rod shipping tubes if anyone needs them. One 2.5 x 98 inches and the other is 3 x 90. Murphy TX.
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Re: Holiday Special from Steve-O's Reel Service Champion1 26 minutes ago
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Re: Community Lakes Fisherman13 28 minutes ago
I guess I‘m really glad I decided not to fish for trout yesterday. Went to a spot for bass and killed it out on the kayak. For some reason Bethany Lakes has never been consistently great for me. I think I had one good trip for trout there if I remember. Looking forward to the other stockings later in the winter
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Re: The good ole days... SoCal Tom 29 minutes ago
And my early days here offering to pay the entry on the $15 Tuesday nighter at Hubbard for a back seat. Met a lot of great friends doing that and learned from Stan Browning what an Oh Sh*& handle was...
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Re: Grubs anymore ?? Dan21XRS 31 minutes ago
Yes, winter thru early spring... If you catch a few in one spot follow up with the Ned Rig or visa versa... Dan
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Re: Campfire and cold beer Frank the Tank 34 minutes ago
Originally Posted by MBradford
[Linked Image]

Deer camp with friends I've known since high school. Dos X, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Shiner Bock, and various types of whiskey. Plenty of firewood around the property due to the Oak Wilt that has decimated the trees.

What it’s all about man ^^^^^ cheers
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