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Jan 23rd, 2013
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Bass Fishing
51 seconds ago
The 2 reasons to buy a Diesel:

1. You have to pull heavy loads

2. You just got out of highschool and want to blow smoke out of a tailpipe.

(a bass boat is not a heavy load.)
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Off Topic
1 minute ago
Originally Posted by collincountytx
Originally Posted by Duck_Hunter
Originally Posted by collincountytx
Fargo season one bear trap scene is the best scene ever on TV

Good scene and great season of TV but I don’t agree that it’s the best ever scene on TV.

The six minute, single shot scene in season one of True Detective was way better. Red Wedding in Game of Thrones was way better and there are about 100 other scenes in GoT that are better. That’s just off the top of my head.

Favorite GoT scene is Battle of the Bastards followed by Ramsey’s demise

That’s fair. I didn’t put a lot of thought into it, I was just saying there are better scenes than the bear trap scene and picked two that quickly came to mind.

I just watched seasons one and two of Fargo and really enjoyed both. I’m on season three now. Great show and I like how each season is a different story.
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jig makers
1 minute ago
thumb Nice.
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Crappie Fishing
1 minute ago
Check with Todd Box at Thermocline Lures. He had a really nice floor put in his center console and it sounds like what you might want.
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Crappie Fishing
2 minutes ago
Great looking baits. thumb
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Trading Post - Swap - Classifieds
2 minutes ago
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Off Topic
3 minutes ago
I took this one for my son and daughter-in-law.
[Linked Image]
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Off Topic
3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Fishspanker
Originally Posted by Hard Rain
I read where Bill Belichick has said all plays should be subject to challenge including penalties or no calls. You would still have the same amount of challenges but you could challenge any play for review. To me that makes the most sense for a play like this and would have corrected the no call.

What if Peyton had used up all his challenges? They would still be crying.

There is pass interference on almost every play. Certainly a penalty on about every play. Some may be away from the ball. So could you challenge a hold, pass interferenc etc on any big game changing play?

Like Hard Rain said, how would that be any different than the current system? It would just expand the types of plays that can be challenged.
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Bass Fishing
4 minutes ago
If we can sit around and look up their salaries on a whim I'm sure that they knew what they would make before they took the job. Maybe they deserve more $, but they knew the deal going in. I chose to be a teacher and coach coming out of college knowing that the pay would be low. I enjoyed every minute of it. But when we started our family I changed professions to pay the bills after 6 years of coaching. Life is full of choices....
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Off Topic
4 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Bass Bug
Originally Posted by Icepick®
Originally Posted by T Bird
Better discovered here than out at sea. angel

Ain't that the truth.
Prayers for a simple solution and minimal downtime.

better sooner than later also, but yea I think a cruise ship doctor would not have been top of his class

I had to go see a cruise ship dr on a cruise in 2008. I had some type of allergic reaction and awoke with one eye swollen shut and the other halfway. The dr was as useless as ----------on a boar hog. Luckily found some Benadryl (wasn't offered any in the infirmary).

Almost forgot.
They weren't completely worthless.
They were extremely efficient at taking my money.
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Crappie Fishing
5 minutes ago
thumb Very nice catch. Great job getting her in the boat.
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Off Topic
7 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Beer Money
That one on the left looks like they could have sold that as a porterhouse.
Nice big filet on that one.

I agree. My guess is that it is. You can tell by the streak of gristle on the strip side. You know your cuts.
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Crappie Fishing
9 minutes ago
cheers Awesome day and awesome smile young lady!
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Crappie Fishing
10 minutes ago
welcome 2 1/4 lbs
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Off Topic
12 minutes ago
Originally Posted by 2014NITROZ-7
That last sentence,let us know how that worked out.

I'll let you know as soon as I get out of the ER.
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Off Topic
13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by WAWI
Romo is great

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Boats 4 Sale
14 minutes ago
very nice
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Tournament Dates & Information
16 minutes ago
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Off Topic
16 minutes ago
put an outside tankless gas water heater in for the new bath, maybe even replace the current with one as well. worth the money in the long run. we have renai out here. 9.5 gpm @ 130*
forget raising the ceilings, you would have to frame way to much to make it worthwhile, can't pony wall on top of existing and add a roof, nope, nope, nope.
metal roof should last forever, may have to have some screws tightened every 5 yrs or so is all.
be sure to really think out your electrical and plumbing before the foam goes on, add wiring/pipe for anything you may want later and save a bunch of money over adding after the fact.
see my other response.
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Boats 4 Sale
17 minutes ago
very nice sir
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Partner Finder
19 minutes ago
Welcome to TFF Karl. I am interested in maybe hitting the bays for some inshore stuff. What boat do you own?...Lawton
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Bass Fishing
21 minutes ago
Couple of days old, water has peaked....for the moment, I did confirm today that Outlaw Outdoor's Sweet 16 is ON for Sunday. Catch 16 lbs get a check, now I just gotta figure out how to catch 16 lbs!!!!

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Bass Fishing
23 minutes ago
something that worked for me on picachos,el salto and comedero is four reels...3 rigged with 20lb flouro and one rigged with 20lb mono for top water....take several packs of 5/16th weights and 5/0 hooks....lot of timber in this lake and you gonna get hung up and have to break off a lot....
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Photos & Videos
25 minutes ago
thumb Well done!
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Bluegill / Sunfish
25 minutes ago
Banker: I totally agree with your side note!!
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