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Jan 23rd, 2013
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Crappie Fishing
43 seconds ago
Come see me hoss
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non-fishing CLASSIFIEDS
2 minutes ago
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Trading Post - Swap - Classifieds
2 minutes ago
Great boat with very nice equipment and a great ride! Paul really takes care of his equipment - this will make happy the new owner.
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Off Topic
2 minutes ago
Went with Sier Safaris several years back and it was absolutely top notch. Trip of a lifetime. Lodging was excellent, food was better(they enjoy beef down there), and more dove that you can ever dream of. I have to say I am not a fan of the beer down in Argentina but they had other stuff to drink.

The limiting factor on our trip was how many boxes of shells your pocket book could handle. Our package came with 2500 but I could have easily shot twice that amount or more. I would recommend negotiating your shells into your package, they seem to throw them in pretty easily up front but once your down there, they were $11 per box.

The one thing we did, that I wouldn't do again, is I took my own shotgun. It was $100 for the permits but it was a hassle every time we entered or exited an airport. We had a layover in Chile and had to go down on the tarmac to open up our cases. Not to mention putting that many rounds through it. We were told it was $75 per day to rent a shotgun through the lodge, and at that point in my life I would have rather spent the money on shells, plus we didn't know what they would be handing us. Hindsight the charge was only $40 per day and they were handing out Benelli Montefeltro's. That is also something that could probably be negotiated up front in the package.

I would hunt with Sier Safaris again in a heartbeat. I accompanied my uncle who had been once before. We did see plenty of people in the airport that didn't have the success we did. Not sure why. It was my understanding that the outfitter we went with owned the roost, estimated 23 million dove on 500 acres. We woke up and hunted the wind each day and most afternoons between the roost and water. I know he has several different lodges depending on the time of year, ect… We were able to return to the lodge between hunts each day, they would have empanadas waiting on us as a snack then provide a nice lunch. Main point I am trying to make is we didn't spend hours traveling each day back and forth. 20 minutes in a van one way was about it.

I don't concern myself with what they do with the harvest, we were told it goes to the local poor and soup kitchens, but I see the money spent as a contribution to the economy. These outfitters provide lots of jobs for the locals.
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Bass Fishing
4 minutes ago
Fishing for Freedom on Belton just for the sake of who it is for and what it is about.
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Off Topic
6 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Fishingking
In the last episode there was a statement made that the brothers had bought the entire island. The Local Government has some strict rules. I assume they are not going to be allowed to leave the coffer dam in place forever. I don't care about opinions, everyone can watch it according to their own needs. I like the show because it's better than most of the other junk. I only wanted to know if someone knew how you would remove the panels since they were pounded into the bedrock.

Probably water blaster. Would be my guess
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Off Topic
7 minutes ago
Speaking of tattoos
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Off Topic
10 minutes ago
Worst prize pack ever.
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Off Topic
10 minutes ago
Originally Posted by 1ShotNoKills
I love cats
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Bass Fishing
10 minutes ago
Hog Farmer is the way to go. I’ve had bass pull arms out of flash mob jr’s & snaps pulled apart. Also winning $100k on a Hog Farmer might swing my bias. Lol Bite Me jig heads & Xcite Shad Nasty swimbaits & you are ready to whacked!
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Off Topic
16 minutes ago
Originally Posted by retdbasser
Originally Posted by Leonardo1
Obviously the thread was more of a rhetorical question. The thread about "debt" everyone made it seem easy to invest in appreciating assets, when in reality there are very few. None of them guaranteed. I was seriously thinking I was missing out on something easy, possibly lurking right under my nose.

"Other thread got me wondering, other than real estate, what else appreciates without taking on a lot of risk."

You're not missing anything.

Without taking on a lot of risk is relative to the individuals acceptance of how much they're willing to risk, in other words: What is a lot of risk to that person?

Even a CD has a risk that the ROI won't keep up with inflation, and the principal is guaranteed. Is that a lot of risk?

Nailed it. As has already been pointed out, paying off high-interest consumer debt is a guaranteed "return" in that you won't pay any more interest on that money.
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Trading Post - Swap - Classifieds
18 minutes ago
Gear ratio is 8.5:1
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Photos & Videos
19 minutes ago
Fraaaankie! Welcome. Enjoy your time here and ignore the negativity above this post.
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Off Topic
21 minutes ago
Rooster is not dead.
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Trading Post - Swap - Classifieds
21 minutes ago
Ok sounds good
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Off Topic
21 minutes ago
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On the road in Texas
22 minutes ago
If you think the Mexican food transition from SA to Marble Falls was interesting DO NOT move to East Texas!
Well...unless butter in your salsa sounds like a good idea.
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Kayak Fishing
26 minutes ago
Good afternoon all,
Myself and a few other Iowa kayak anglers are planning on heading down to the Nacogdoches area, we will be there January 4, 5 & 6.
Just curious if any of you have some suggestions for lakes to hit within an hour or 2 from Nac?
We had thought about Toledo Bend and Rayburn but with only having a couple days we decided to try and focus on some smaller lakes. So far we have considered Naconiche, Welsh and Nacogdoches but we would love to get some feedback from you folks that fish this area.
Thank you for any help you can provide
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General Equipment Discussion
42 minutes ago
thanks john, just sent you a pm
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Bass Fishing
43 minutes ago
Originally Posted by cali kid
Originally Posted by Allison1
Nobody uses 100% Berkley Trilene?

I compared a several lines but that was years ago. I've always had success with it, mostly 8 and 10 pound.
Is it not as good?

I use it, it's been great for me, I use 20 lb mostly. For 15 lb I like P-Line Ultimate flourocarbon.

I have been using it exclusively for about 5-6 years now without any issue and love it. I actually swapped from Invisx and I really think that in the heavier weights, 15-20lb, that it is stronger though I can't prove it.
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Bass Fishing
50 minutes ago
I wanted some 9's, but at that price I couldn't resist.
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Off Topic
55 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Pilothawk
Originally Posted by tricky
Knob Creek straight Tennessee whiskey please

Could be wrong, bit I think Knob Creek is a Beam product...From Kentucky.

You are correct...Not sure why I said Tennesse
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Boats & Motors
57 minutes ago
Most common 3M 5200 or 3M 4200, there are other brands also, 5200 once cured (takes a while) is tough stuff and not just your plain old silicone
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Off Topic
57 minutes ago
[Linked Image]
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plugs & announcements
1 hour ago
Already sent a few of these out for Christmas. If you guys would like to get one and give as a gift, just give me a shout. I will make sure you have them before the big day. These make great gifts and can be used for hunting and fishing. Happy Holidays!

Full Day : $400
Half Day : $275

Duck Hunting : $125 per person

[Linked Image]
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