Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC] January 2023 (1-7-23 Sat. Late PM):

Sadly, things do not always come out the way you hope. I was unable to give you a little more prelim due to events that went on here that have basically two weeks of chaos here. I hope you had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year on your end, as we did not here.

I have just confirmed the layout of January 2023 & also winged out my PYC days for January 2023

For those of you just now tuning in, you can always peruse the archive.

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Back during the Turkey Day holiday, I was unable to deep fry a turkey, with my newly bought fryer setup from Wal-Mart, due to rain & bad weather here. It looked like Christmas was going to be the same (as to nasty weather here). With some assistance from cousin Jimmy & son-in-law Eric, we were able to build a Turkey shed (I think it was Saturday 17th, but it is all a blur), consisting of a 15 feet wide by 11' long metal roof shed with which we could put tarps on the side if windy. I also for some reason had given Eric & Kristina their Christmas gift early- a turkey fryer setup as well, from Academy. Good thing I did that, as to all that ensued following that. We had an Arctic cold front headed in, so Sunday afternoon the 18th, I was busy getting everything ready for below freezing weather. I ran into & stepped on some dead winds out near the garden. As I did, there was a smell that seemed awful familar. It was, as it seems this is the one weed I am allergic to. Usually if tearing into one with a weedeater, I start coughing & gagging and have to leave the area to stop from it getting worse. So, since these 3 I stepped on were dead,, they affected me slightly different. Within 30 minutes, I started to sneeze & cough.

This went on Monday & Tuesday. but Tuesday I took some HEB similar to Benadryl. That stopped my runny faucet nose. Still struggling to work at the shop, one co-worker came back in on Wednesday. It seems he & his family caught COVid. It was either Tuesday or Wednesday that Mom told me she had a dream that she & I had COVid for Christmas. It seems I was worse Thursday morning when my Mom pleaded for me to take the test. It was positive in the first minute. So, I took off Thursday & Friday. And I was off on Monday the 26th, so hopefully I would be clear for Tuesday. Actually I was doing better by Thursday evening as the fever came down. I was in recovery. However, Mom was ht Christmas afternoon & it made her week enough to collapse about 10 PM Christmas night. My grandson Willan came down to assist me. We finally called for an ambulance, so she might recover better in the hospital. On Thursday night, she was back home in hospice care. She never shared anymore about her dream. Family members took turns until I would get in from work each weekday. Sunday evening, she became more tired & she was unable to take medicine, or even drink water. Monday morning (2nd) was even more so. By 1:25 PM she was no longer with us. Luckily, many family members were able to get here before that, to say last goodbyes. So it has been tough on everybody this past week here. I lost an old roommate of 32+ years.

As I noted, I was able to give you a little heads up into January & February, by sharing on the next two months of strong BlueCat runs.

*** BlueCat run in January 2023-- 7th thru 11th (Saturday - Wednesday) [the most for 2023].

*** BlueCat run in February 2023-- 15th thru 18th (Wednesday - Saturday) [the second biggest run for 2023].

Briefs on Ukraine, wife Elena & daughter Helen-

Russia continues hitting power plants & civilian targets.

Helen is dealing with electricity, water, and heat outages more so. She was unable to get Western Union last week, but finally did on the 3rd.

Elena, it seems, is somewhere between El Gouna & Hurghada, as today, she said they visited El Gouna which is called the Egyptian Venice. Up in the Nile Delta, she has had to adjust to different things, so she is seeing several doctors trying to resolve these issues.

Building on the Hoveround friendly bedroom for my Mom on the weekends has been delayed until February. It is sad that Mom never got to experiece it before she left us. She was 86.

Back to catfishing ...

Here's your calendar for December 2022

Lynn’s Catfish Calendar [LCC]- JANUARY 2023
Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday
1 BC | 2 ZIP | 3 BC | 4 BC | 5 YC | 6 YC | 7 BC
8 BC | 9 BC | 10 BC | 11 BC | 12 ZIP | 13 ZIP | 14 ZIP
15 BFT | 16 BFT | 17 ZIP | 18 ZIP | 19 ZIP | 20 ZIP | 21 BC
22 YC | 23 BFT | 24 YC | 25 ZIP | 26 ZIP | 27 BC | 28 BC
29 BC | 30 ZIP | 31 ZIP

Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC]- January 2023 Moon Phases---
6th- Full Moon
14th- Last Qtr
21st- New Moon
28th- 1st Qtr

TARGETOS (Multiple Target Briefs)---

Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC]- January 2023 Lynn's PYC (Prime YellowCat) Days (separate from the Calendar)---
***Decoded, it looks like this...
1st Week- 5/6 Thurs/Fri
2nd Week- 14 Sat
3rd Week- 15/16 Sun/Mon
4th Week- 23/24 Mon/Tues
5th Week- NONE

Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC]- January 2023 Lynn's YC (YellowCat) Days (as to the Calendar)---
1st Week- 5/6 Thurs/Fri
2nd Week- NONE
3rd Week- NONE
4th Week- 22/24 Sun/Tues
5th Week- NONE

***You might want to try the PYC days for those weeks that do not have YC days listed on the Calendar.

EXTRA--- Targeted BC (BlueCat) days- January 2023, by each week, as to the Calendar:
1st Week- 1/3/4/7 Sun/Tues/Wed/Sat
2nd Week- 8/9/10/11 Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed
3rd Week- 21 Sat
4th Week- 27/28 Fri/Sat.
5th Week- 29 Sun

EXTRA EXTRA--- Targeted BFT (Buffet) days-- January 2023, by each week, as to the Calendar:
1st Week- NONE
2nd Week- NONE
3rd Week- 15/16 Sun/Mon
4th Week- 23 Mon
5th Week- NONE

Maybe I can catch up to start sharing prelims again, starting in February.
Special Notes ...

** ALWAYS ... be sure to note that YC days are also great for Blues. So when you have a clump of BC & YC days, press forward. Like they say in pool (or billiards), Rack 'em Up!!!

*** And be sure to not get them (YC) confused with PYC days, as this (PYC) is my reference to the YellowCat underlying pattern. The YC days are the hardest pull for that day of the calendar, as to the 4 possible 'sigs" of mine [YC/BC/BFT/ZIP].

Here is the KEY-

Lynn’s Catfish Calendar [LCC]- 2022 KEY:
YC = YellowCat // BC = BlueCat // BFT = Buffet (assorted) // ZIP = Zip (not very good)
Tip- Always bait out lines the night before a YC or BC day.
Tip- Gator Gars (GG) run ahead of YellowCats, so bait out late (between 11 PM to 1 AM).
Tip- BlueCats also bite good on YC days, but you can rack ‘em up on BC days.
Tip- Some variations or alterations are due to weather or other external influences.
Tip- For Rod-n-Reelers, use Solunar Tables (etc.) also for best times with my calendar.
Tip- Near Full Moon, Gator Gars & YellowCats seem to feed a few hours later.
Tip- Your biggest YellowCats may hit best towards beginning & end of YC or PYC days.
Tip- My PYC Days keys in on the YellowCat’s Feed/Roam Days Underlying Pattern.
Tip- Bleedover works both ways- Before & After a calendar day. Take advantage.
Tip- For better luck on ZIP days, try a stimulant (not natural) type bait, such as stink/punch/dough.
Tip- In my experiences, it seems ChannelCats (CC) bite best for me, on BFT days.

Whew! I managed to stay awake. Last night, I was not so lucky.

Wear that lifejacket!!!

aka "Catfish"