I remember a trip to Fork back in the 90s that my brother and I along with a friend had fished our way towards the back of a cove and we decided to eat our lunch. Suddenly the sky started darkening and the thunder started rolling then the rain set in pouring down. We’d managed to get our rain gear out and put in on before getting wet. We thought it best to just set it out where we were and protected by the wind. It wasn’t long before that thunderstorm had past and the sun was back out.

We’d been catching mostly smaller fish around 1 1/2 - 2 lbs before that storm with the exception of a 7.5 pounder that was my biggest bass for Fork at the time. After the storm though we left that pocket headed out to the main lake then up the lake and pulled in on a point. We started doubling and tripling up on really good fish for the next hour. That’s probably the first time I had ever experienced catch that many bass from 3-6 lbs on a public lake in that short of a time span. We were all stoked and having a blast but I couldn’t begin to tell just how many we caught.

Once the flurry finally subsided we decided to call it a day because we knew we couldn’t top what we had just experienced. Fork had definitely lived up her reputation for us that day. That’s one the best memories I have fishing with my oldest brother who’s been gone now for almost 10 years.

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