I recently bought a gently used g.loomis gcx mag bass rod for a steal of a price. I’ve stayed in the $100-$150 range on rods so this is my first expensive rod. It’s a mh/f rated for 1/4-3/4. Thinking of using it for jigs and T-rig mostly as that is my bread and butter techniques. Maybe some moving baits like bladed jig or spinners. Looking for a good reel to pair it with. I currently use daiwa tatula 100’s but was looking to upgrade in the reel department since this is a nicer rod. I was considering between a tatula sv or a curado k, maybe even a DC as I’m still learning with baitcasters, only been using them a little over a year. I’d also like to be able to skip which is something I’m practicing which is why I considered the DC as I’ve heard it’s very forgiving. Idk if I’m asking too much out of a single reel or if I should consider buying 2?
Thanks in advance