How to Post Photos & Images

We have 3 different tools to post photos and images. This image shows where you click with a numbered explanation below.

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1. This button (identified by red arrow 1 above) creates image tags to link to the URL or web address of an image uploaded on another web site. The "img" in brackets you see below are the image tags.The URL of your image is pasted between the two tags. Your image must be loaded to another web site like or to use this feature.



2. For most circumstances, this is the best of the three. It's simple and places the images exactly where you want them in a post, however, it can be challenging to use with some mobile devices.

To load an image, first click the icon shown above (identified by red arrow 2 above), then this box will appear. Next, click "Choose File." After you choose the file, then click "Add file from your PC."

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When the image has loaded to the forum, you see a thumbnail image. If it is not orientated correctly, use the buttons to rotate left or right to correct it, then click "All Done."

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3. This option is best for mobile devices and is also a good choice for posting a series of images. The images appear as thumbnails in your post and may be clicked to see the larger version of the image in a pop-up window.

You must make a comment in your post box when using the "Photo/Image uploader." If you don't say something in the post, you will get the message, "All of the required fields are not filled in." After making a comment, click "Photo/Image uploader" (identified by red arrow 3 above) and this pop-up box will appear.

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Click "Select A File To Attach," select one more images, then click "Done." You will not see the images in the dialog box. They will be visible after you submit the post and will appear like these images.

Attached Files 00E0E_kzQaGe0na8V_600x450.jpg0.35.jpg11334013_1147884798560782_1911191769824084178_o.jpgdesktop-1430794191.jpgevinrude.jpgducks-Mallard.jpgmsg0416443315104.0421031326389.jpg