The past 3-5 days have resulted in mixed fishing results. The strong and changing wind direction kept East Matagorda Bay dirty and made conditions tough for drifters; the same windy conditions had the water off colored and grass everywhere in West Matagorda Bay. The groups that got to West Bay early found relatively easy limits of good reds close to the bank. The glass minnows have started their migration and are showing up in huge pods on the south shoreline. The reds have found them and it won’t take the trout long to join in on the feeding frenzy. During this time it is key to be fishing on a moving tide no matter what time of day and you will catch fish. Fishing the glass minnows produces some of the best lure fishing on the coast. Both soft plastics and top waters will produce constant action and fill the box with fish. The water temperature continues to rise and we have been wet wading for two weeks now without a problem. With the rising water temperature, the baby croaker in the bay will be growing like weeds. Pending a cool front blowing through and dropping the temperature, the croaker should be big enough to use in about 3 weeks. We currently have a few days next week open including Saturday the 21st if anyone is interested in coming down and fishing. Our summer days are starting to fly off the calendar, so if you are interested in fishing with us this summer and wading with croaker (what we are known for), then you need to get ahold of me ASAP!
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