Today my dad and i went to Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock Tx.
Because of reading many reports of the
lake having a bad golden algae problem,
i wanted to see for myself.But before we went we called the lake gate to see how
bad it was and the person said, that the lake was still being tested,but they did not
have any conformation of golden algae.So when we got there our first stop was at the
shallow end of the lake close to the Rv camping area.The water was a tan color and
close to the shoreline was a huge dead carp.
As we walked around the lake for a while
we found 15 dead catfish and many fish
bones on the shore.Then we went to the
other side of the lake where the beach
is and there it got worse.
At that part of the lake we found dead,
four 2to4 pound largemoutbass,many dead
bluegills and five huge carp and
one huge flathead catfish and a huge
channelcat it was at least 10 pounds.
There were lots of other fish dead in the
cattails.This is what we saw in this short
area of lake shore.
In my opinion the lake is a disaster. I have been fishing at Buffalo Springs Lake for 18 years and it is in the worst shape i have ever seen it in.This is sad.

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