My first post since taking over the Lake Fork Anglers (LFA) Bass Fishing Club ‘Secretary’ position from the club founder and former club President and Secretary - Bruce Allen.

The Lake Fork Anglers (LFA) Bass Fishing Club, held their annual awards ceremony at the Hwy 154 Sabine River Authority Park on Thursday afternoon, December 26, 2022. Numerous awards were presented during the ceremony by Galen Smith, Club President.
Awards included:
• LFA Angler-of-the-Year: Dennis Bubinas
• LFA Co-Angler-of-the-Year: Rick Wright
• LFA Championship Tournament Winners: Robert Gaylor (Angler); Gary Gilmore (Co-Angler)
• LFA Lunker: Dusty Newton (8.52 / Angler); Kenneth Chapman (7.41 / Co-Angler)

• Hard Core Angler-of-the-Year: Randy Bunch
• Hard Core Co-Angler-of-the-Year: Scott Powell
• Hard Core Championship Tournament Winners: Randy Bunch (Angler); Tom Whitrock (Co-Angler)
• Hard Core Lunker: Bill Ailes (8.09 / Angler); Jackie Price (8.38 / Co-Angler)

Bruce Allen was also awarded a special Club Founder plaque. Bruce established the LFA Club in 2014, serving as President and retiring as Club Secretary. In addition to a retirement plaque, Bruce was also presented with a custom made LFA Club jacket. Bruce was also honored with the establishment on an annual Club Founders Tournament in his name - the "Bruce Allen LFA Club Founder Tournament"

The LFA club fishes every Thursday with afternoon weigh-in at the SRA Park on Hwy 154 @ 3:00 pm. Two club tournament formats are rotated weekly.
• LFA – Best 5 fish format – 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month
• Hard Core – MLF format – 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month

All club tournaments are two-person catch and release tournaments with an angler and a co-angler per boat. Anglers compete against anglers and Co-Anglers compete against co-anglers.

LFA members are mostly retired anglers who can fish weekly tournaments each Thursday. Membership is open to all persons who are physically able to fish and function independently in a boat, whether alone, or as a team member during scheduled Thursday fishing tournaments.

Information about club membership can be obtained by sending an email to

Tom Whitrock
LFA Club Secretary