We’d love for you to fish with us in Bristol Bay, Alaska at Bear Trail Lodge. I know it's far from tuna fishing but perhaps you are looking for something new and also exciting.

It’s a five-star experience from start to finish, with world-class salmon runs, remote fly-out experiences, exceptional scenery and wildlife, and incredible food. We were there in 2020 for the Sockeye run, and now we’re headed back for the Silvers.

July 31 through August 4, 2023 (or dates of your choice - TBD)

If you don't have a fishing partner, no problem, come and meet other anglers. You will have your own room, in case you were worried. This isn't an all lady angler trip but there are women going.

Contact me at fishmore@halfpastfirstcast.com or call 703-932-6299 - Alaska is a place everyone should travel to before they leave this earth.