I've Been Wanting This Jig Since ICAST 2022!

For the first time i'm using a techno-jig that uses physics & common sense! The man who helped add features to this jig, Mr Hiroshi Takahashi - my hats off to you sir! And the Mustad developing team. I got back into jigging because i discovered the Tracershot Jigs. Up till now not only could i cast far with decent catch results but i could operate in the shallows 2-3ft 70yd offshore.

These Mezashi are packed with features that the developers are hoping will attract the bite. The main feature is the 55/45 asymmetrical weight distribution & how the weight was distributed. Really shows in the 30g Jig but lessens in the 20g weight. Since i'm casting from shore these will be my main weight sizes.

As an angler i find the translucent eyes of the Mezashi to be hypnotic. I don't think i've seen another jig out there like these! The single hook combined with the treble means it's a quadruple point advantage over using a single hook (as my fingers found out today).

Today Hawaii's premier Ultra Light Shoreline Jigger Russel Chang joined me. He really liked the 20g Mezashi that i gave him to use. I think the 15g might be a better UL choice as you wouldn't have to "baby" the throw. It just wasn't the right season to jig today. We went through a major SW Tropical Storm & being winter time most of the fish have migrated like they always do.

In this video i used a 10'6" Medium SST Rod with an ITX 3000 Spinning Reel, both by Okuma filled with 10lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel.

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