Sharing My Personal Choices For My Leaders & What's in my Backpack!?

This video is a bit on the long side but it covers 2 areas of often asked questions. I've been using Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leaders since my first PNW Fishing trip with friends on the Columbia. Since coming back to Hawaii I found an affinity to continue my good fortune using Seaguar. A few years ago the VP of Okuma introduced me to Fluoro-Stretch. He was making free sample packs to give out to the public. Luckily i ended up with what was left.

My second part of this is how do i backpack 2 HD Surf Rigs 40min away from my car? Well, i release all my catches so no cooler is needed. For sustenance i bring a few apples & bottled water so by the time i leave half of that weight is gone as well. And i use Fishing Butlers to strap my rigs together into a single bundle with a small net & 2-spikes as well. I can carry this all in one hand while everything else is in my pack.

Since getting Covid i've been loosing weight & increasing muscle mass & stamina to do what i'm currently doing now. I rarely drive to my spots now as i prefer to hike in. This rock is getting too crowded recently. I find i rarely see anyone when i do this in some places (just wild peacocks, dogs & boar).

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Traveled the World diving & fishing. Became a ranked billiard player in Asia. Won a few senior bowling tournaments. I travel to the US, Australia & Europe working with museums & doing educational lectures.