Why not just make the switch,,, there’s a new powder in town called Stardust,,,, eliminate all the tricky dipping and having to buy things like fluidbeds , clearcoats and coating of all kinds,,, eliminate baking all together! All that’s needed to do is the heat jig,dip, stick on eyes before it completely cools and your done! It’s almost indestructible compared to a powdercoat,,, it’s more of a rubber dip you put on tools and such,,,, only downfall is that their are limited colors and not quite as bright and shiney,,,, but the colors I’ve tried so far I really like,,,, here’s a few pieces I’ve done,,,,this stuff is great if you don’t want to fool around and just fish,,, 485BFB53-CA5E-4BB5-8DAD-741D9A515B6C.jpeg

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