We've been following the MLF format for the last 7 years and at the end of each year we hold a championship. To qualify members must catch at least 6 Lbs.' in one tournament and fish at least 6 Hard Core tournaments. This year after a few bow outs we ended with ten boats each with a competing Boater and Co-Angler.
And in the morning prior to the event the section where we fished was drawn by the senior co-angler. And I must say just because I drew section 2 didn't mean the other sections wouldn't have been as bad.
It was BAD. As usual there were those that caught'em and those they didn't. And there were way more than did bad than good.
The top 5 in each group advances to the final in two weeks.

MLF format where every bass 10: and up counts including slot fish,

Boaters Results:

1st Place- Mike McWhorter of Lake Fork with 2 bass for 8/44 LB with the boater lunker of 7.15 LB.
2nd Place-Don Overstreet of Sulphur Springs with 5 bass for 4 LB with a 1.54 LB lunker,
3rd Place- Herb King of Lake Fork with 2 bass for 3.28 LB with a 2.36 LB lunker.
4th Place- Tim Gold of Mineola with 2 bass for 2.68 LB with a 2.02 lunker.
5th Place - Randy Bunch with 2 bass for 1.63 LB.


1st Place- Larry Kelly of Yantis with 1 bass which was also the lunker for this group for 6.64 LB caught on a chatter bait.
2nd Place- Tom Whitrock of Lake Fork 4 bass for 2.17 LB with a 0.93 lunker. I did say it was tough.
3rd Place- Tom Black of Bullard with 2 bass for 1.76 LB with 1.00 lunker.
4th Place- Alf Tuggle of Scroggins 1 bass for 0.66 LB.
5th Place- Scott Powell with no bass and no bites but because he has the highest weight in that group, he beat out the other 5 zeros.

23 keepers were caught on a day with clouds and moderate winds and the water temps of around 68 f. It should have been great.

Lake Fork Anglers fish 50 Thursday daytime tournaments every year on two different formats. Tournaments are $20 each including a 100% lunker. For more info call John at 214-930*6197 Boaters and Co-Anglers are both welcome.

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