Pretty darn breezy out of the southeast but the anglers did better than they have for the last month.

5 Fish limit with all fish over 10" counting.


1st Place Robert Gayler of Lake Fork with 4 fish for 18.34 LB with the boater lunker of 6.64 LB
2nd Place Don Overstreet of Sulphur Springs with 5 fish for 8.90 LB with a 2.74 LB lunker.
3rd Place Jack White of Farmers Branch with 3 bass for 8.45 LB with a 5.82 LB lunker.
4th Place Bill Ailes of Sulphur Springs with 3 bass for 8.10 LB with a 6.52 LB lunker.
5th Place Herb King of Lake Fork with 4 bass for 6.44 LB with a 3.31 LB lunker.

Co Anglers

1st Place Gary Gilmore of Ennis with 5 fish for 13.53 LB with the co-angler lunker of 5.71 LB
2nd Place Dusty Newton of Van with 3 fish for 7.46 LB with a 2.95 LB lunker.
3rd Place JAlf Tuggle of Scroggins with 3 bass for 7.00 LB with a 4.31 LB lunker.
4th Place Rick Wright of Rowlett with 2 bass for 4.79 LB with a 2.13 LB lunker.
5th Place Ken Kielbas of Arlington with 2 bass for 4.60 LB with a 3.23 LB lunker.

53 bass were caught which us a really big improvement over the rest of Sept. And there was only one angler skunked.

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