Used a Fishon Spooler by Sportsman Innovations to Re-spool my Reel!

I needed to re-spool my Limited Edition GT Spinning Reel by Okuma because i lost a good portion of line off it. Since it was pouring outside it was a good time to do this. I originally had 10lb Eminent Braid on but spooled 15lb HT Monofilament Line instead. Pros & cons?

I had more yardage of 10lb braid but went with 15lb mono with less yardage. The thicker 15lb mono has a higher breaking strength & it stretches but there was more yardage using the thinner 10lb braid that doesn't stretch. In clear water the mono is harder to see even though the thinner braid is green colored.

For years i've been using the large Fishon Spooler for spinners from Brandon Rodgers of Sportsman Innovations. I even spool my conventionals on it by using it as a line spooler. I use my UL spinner to my largest reels on it. Save money by purchasing bilk spools like i do & learn how to spool your own reels. The yearly savings are unreal!

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