Long Morning in The Pouring Rain Though it Felt GOOD!

I again bumped into my good friend Russel Chang when i was about to go home as it was pouring rain. It was hot & humid so Russel convinced me to stick around as my water supply was good. I had hooked a Jack earlier but stupid me had the cover still on due to the rain. Then hooked another which chewed-up my metal Mustad Jig before spitting it out. Then a smaller Jack hit but it let go. Seems my history shows me that i do better during downpours!

Worked for Russel as he brought in a 2lb Jack about 5min away. Latter it was getting close to lunch & was thinking of hitting Times Supermarket for lunch while chatting with sensei Russel when his rod bent over! Good hit using 4lb mono. I was standing above him on a hillside zooming in with my iPhone. So i started down to him and almost slid on loose rocks twice. But the Jack snapped the 4lb mono seconds before i could grab his leaderless line. I think i cursed louder than he did! Lol:)

As with most fishing mis-adventures theres no proof when you loose a fish. But this time there was. Got it on my iPhone. It happens.

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