Well, the weather was great. Cool this morning with light winds. Usually the story is about the "Haves" and have nots. Today it is sorta turned upside down.
But the fishing really was bad except for two nice giants.

All fish 10" and up count. Only their best five count. Today's tournament was # 19 for the five fish limit.


1st Bill Ailes of Sulphur Springs with 2 bass for 13.15 LB with the boater lunker of 8.38 LB.
2nd Rudy Hall of Mineola with 1 bass for 7.41 LB.
3rd John Berech of Garland with 3 bass for 6.19 LB with a lunker of 3.16 LB.
4th Scott Shrader of Mineola with 1 bass for 3.62 LB
5th Mike McWhorter of Lake Fork with 2 bass for 3.36 LB. with a lunker of 2.49 LB

Co Anglers
71st Alf Tuggle of Scroggins with 3 bass for 8.09 LB with th boater lunker. of 1.52 LB.
2nd Brian Malchar of Alba with 3 bass for 4.60 LB with a 2.02 LB lunker.
3rd Tom Whitrock of Lake Fork with 1 fish for 3.78 LB
4th Bob Brown of Mineola with 2 bass for 2.43 LB with a 1.82 LB lunker.
5th Larry Kelly of Yantis with 2 bass for 2.05 LB with a 1.27 LB lunker.

20 bass were caught, and 8 anglers were skunked again. Looking at last week LFA results these really really suck. I'd have this report done sooner if I could keep our new kitten off of the keyboard.

For information on Joining the Lake Fork Anglers send an inquiry to sjbasser@gmail.com. We only fish on Thursdays daytime at Lake Fork.
New member fee is $20. Dues is $5 a year and tournaments are $15; We are currently looking for new members- Boaters and co-anglers.
Call 903-440-2787 for info.

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