I Mostly Use SPRO & Mustad#3 For Direct Ties to my Lures & Jigs!

I rarely use mono leaders as i mostly employ braid as my main. SPRO#3 is rated at 135lb. You only get 3 to a bag. Mustad#3 is rated at 100lb and you get 4 to a bag. Both are quality products. These are ball bearing swivels with welded rings & cross-lock snaps. I like to employ these sizes. I use the SPROs for my heavier jigs & plugs while my lighter gauge lures i use the Mustads on.

The stronger Mustads are a bit larger then the SPROS while the smaller SPROs are ideal for my plugging & heavy jigging needs. Another draw is you can insert the whole #3 of both brands through most Medium rated plugging rod tips (last guide) without opening the snaps. So i use the SPROs for plugging & the Mustads for jigging.

Recently i've been concentrating on my shoreline jigging & have been asked this several times. So i thought i'd share what i employ. This style may not be what you might use but it does work well for me. If any of this information was useful to you then it was worth sharing:)

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