Trying to weigh options on how to rewire a older Maxxum 55lb 12v motor with variable speed. I bought it used awhile back and the control board failed. I put a new board in March of this year. It's failed again. Basically the motor runs at a greatly reduced speed when it fails. Rather than go through the defective board rodeo again I was thinking of wiring the motor with a PWM motor speed controller. This would eliminate the board and still retain the variable speed. Any ideas on how to wire so that the foot pedal switch would still control on and off? I don't think the micro switch under the pedal is capable of handling the full 12 volts. The PWM will handle on and off and control the speed but my son needs to be able to go and stop using the pedal. We took off an edge 45 to try to gain some more power using the Maxxum as the edge 45 has no ability to move the boat in any wind over a slight breeze. This is his last year of high school fishing and I don't want to invest in another 12v only motor for the tracker boat we use.

Attached Files Screenshot 2022-08-14 at 15-25-36 2274959 Maxxum 55lb 42” Foot Control Freshwater Owner’s Manual - min_productmanual_maxxum-55-42-52-fc-om.pdf.png