Had a little issue coming back in yesterday where the engine starting acting up, losing power intermittently and wouldn't run when you tried to go WOT.
Yamaha 1999 115 2 stroke
Fuel was low and gauge was bouncing around, I suspected we were having a fuel pickup issue.

I stopped by Sonny's to pick up something and I spoke with one of the guys there..
He said I probably picked up air, possibly water or debris.
Said to put more gas in, go run at idle for 15 minutes, then run barely on plane for the same and then WOT.

I had already washed the boat and trailer and was planning on putting in storage.
Didn't really want to relaunch and have to rewash but I also did not want this hanging over my head and the thought of possibly having water in the carbs was not good.

I put 10 gallons in and a bottle of Seafoam in and did what he said.
Problem solved.

Ran great.
Just a shout out, the guy talked with me for 15 minutes, he could have just said to drop it off and they will give me a call at some point with how much I owe them.

I called back and thanked them.