1st Day Surf Casting in The Field Before The Storm Struck!

On this episode i'll finally show how this Heavy Duty Travel Surf Rod operates in the field. I'll go through the stats & will catch live bait. Rated at 2-6oz. I found that 4oz to be the "sweet spot" for distance though a 3oz bank will suffice. I did find 5/6oz to be on the heavier side since this is a parabolic action rod that won't "snap cast" those heavier weights. I did find 3oz worked well.

My first thought was for a surf rod that the reel seat placement could've been higher by maybe 3 to 31/2in. During the retrieve distributing the load was evident. Just my suggestion for the next series since i never field tested the prototypes. When more weight was added (ie a 5 & 6oz bank) this became very noticeable, to me. But it'll still function the way it was designed to function beautifully.

I did get a decent strike from a Shark as it broke water seconds after striking the live crab. But it cut line. Couldn't get it on video as it all took place behind the bushes in 5sec. Too bad as it put a nice bend in the rod. Most of my surf rods are 12-14ft. This is 10ft because it's a break-down portable travel rod. Meaning a longer rod requiring more segmentations will weaken its performance.

As a heavy duty travel rod for Roosters to Tarpon & Drums this'll suit your needs perfectly. Most companies don't manufacture HD travel rods because longer lengths require more segments & the spigot configurations has to be deep & thick enough for secure connections without added much to its overall weight. Right now i'm very happy with these new HD Voyager Signature Surf Rods. Will need to fight some fish in on my next outings to get a better sense of their construction.

For years Okuma has produced some of the best travel rods on the market. I should know as i own quite a few. When others send me pictures with their stories i feel happy to add mine to this Worldwide mix. The one i most remember is from a young man in Spain who bungees his to his bike to catch fish. He then rides back to a square where he cleans & cooks his catch to be shared by all.

Voyager Signature Surf Rod (VSS-S-1004h)
Line Weight- 17-40lbs
Lure Weight- 2-6oz
# of Guides- 5 & Tip.
Product Sections- 4pcs
Rod Length- 10ft
Rod Power= H "Heavy"
Rod Taper- MF "Moderate Fast"
Rod Weight- 13.9oz

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