Using Heavy Duty Crimping Pliers w/Double Barrel Crimps To Make Mono Leaders Using a Flemish Eye!

In this "How To" segment i'll show what i use to make a monofilament leader for trolling or plugging & jigging large powerful fish. My first big fish was the first day on my RIB Diving Boat. Hit a monster Blue Marlin in only 30-40fms. I could see the reef structure inside of me when it struck. Since then i've caught literally tons of fish over the years on different boats using this leader making system.

My 2 largest fish ever brought in on my flemish eye leaders was 2 Pacific Blue Marlins within a week of each other. The smallest of the 2 was 940lb. When you lock down your Senator 14/0 using 180lb mono on a 130lb Hana B Rod and the fish is dragging you backwards you know it's going to be a long day. Especially when you're on your own on a 17ft McKee.

One thing i noticed on fighting big fish like these. They don't jump at this size when fighting. The smaller 350lb Blue in the pic was on a 9/0 Senator using only 50lb mono on a 50lb Hana B Rod. I was targeting Wahoo on the inner drops on my dive boat that day. Was not ready for this!

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