A Look at How I Up-Keep my Personal Fishing Gear When Maintenance is Required!

It's been years since i redid my Surf 8K's. At the Izuo Brothers Product show Okuma's Product director John Bretza gave me these same 2 units & report what i think of them. During these past years they've caught Jacks to Bonefish & Threadfins both day & night.

This is a long distance surf caster. The high oscillations packs the line lay very tightly. Less friction of line peeling of the spool means you'll get a longer cast. Of course using braid means more yardage due to it's thinner diameter. And that thinner diameter means you can pack on more yardage compared to monofilament or fluorocarbon.

But the clearer line means less chance of "finicky" fish taking the lure/bait. So it's a trade-off. At first i had braid backing to a mono top shot. Now i'm going all 80lb Eminent Braid on one and all 30lb Monofilament line on the other by Soft Steel. I also sprayed & cleaned the inner reel's workings. Hardly any salt crystals! I'm sure this was because i always rinse my gear off after every outing & that the 2-sets of inner brushes are doing their job. Great design on these John Bretza!

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