Lake Arlington
TOURNAMENT TRAIL 2022 Season Rules
(7:00 am to 3:00 pm) *Times are subject to change
$60.00 per Boat (Team or Solo)
Where: Lake Arlington
When: 04/30/2022
Cost: $60.00 per boat whether you fish as a team or solo. This will include a $50 entry fee, and $10 for Big Bass. A maximum of 5 bass per boat will be weighed for your total stringer weight.
Payout: 1 place for every 5 entries will be paid to the person or team with the highest total stringer weight.
Additional Information: You can find more information about rules and previous tournament success on Lake Arlington Tournaments on Facebook.
Contact: Chris @ 682-888-7826
2022 Rules
Registration will be done the morning of each tournament between 6:00 am to 6:50 am. If you are not registered by 6:50 am you will be unable to compete that day.
We will all release at 7:00 am. Last cast is at 3:00 pm in the bouys and you will need to be in line for weigh-ins by 3:15 pm.
Tournament director will weigh up to 5 bass, 14" min with a .50 pound penalty for dead fish. Total combined weight of 5 fish will be recorded and be used for tournament placement.
Contestants may fish anywhere on tournament waters available to the public and accessible by boat, except areas posted or otherwise designated as “off-limits,” “no boats,” “keep out,” “restricted,” “no trespassing” or “no fishing” (or similar language or markings intended to restrict public access) by local, state or federal officials, or within 25 yards of a contestant’s boat.
All anglers must fish from a boat and in waters accessible by boat only (you are not permitted to leave the boat for fishing purposes).
Only artificial lures may be used for fishing and only 1 rod at a time per fisherman may be used.
Any sight fishing or bed fishing will require the fish be hooked in the mouth.
All live fish will be released back in the lake immediately after weigh-in.
All anglers will wear a fastened U.S. Coast Guard approved floatation device while combustion engine is in gear during tournament hours.
At the discretion of the tournament director, tournament days may be shortened, postponed, changed, or canceled due to unsafe conditions. If you have questions concerning this rule please contact the tournament director on the day of the tournament.
Ties will be decided by the biggest bass weighed by each team involved in tie.
Any angler who has been banned, "black listed" or deemed ineligible to compete in another tournament due to a violation will not be permitted to fish without written consent from the tournament directors who found the participant to be in violation.
All protests must be presented to the tournament director in writing within 5 minutes of the final fish being weighed with at least one witness.
Any angler found to be in violation of the rules will be disqualified from the event.
Tournament Director has final say in all matters.
Tournament Director is not liable for any accidents or incidents that occur during contest hours. Abide by all state and local laws and fish at your own risk.
Rules are subject to change at any time with proper notice of at least 24 hours in advance of each tournament.
Remember to be respectful to the group. Any disrespectful language or treatment of others will result in disqualification Your tournament fees will not refunded if you are disqualified.
Tournament fees will not be refunded once you have registered that day. If you have an emergency before the tournament officially starts at 7:00 am the tournament director can decide to refund the fee if he is notified immediately of the emergency.

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