Cold at sunrise and hard north wind.

Bait was easy in the marina it was all over couldn't miss.

Trolling motor wouldn't power on, uh oh. Discovered in the last bumpy run across the lake Saturday night one of the TM batteries came loose and broke a jump cable. Easy hotwire repair and back to fishing.

Bass fished the windy points for awhile landed a 4 pound spawner.

Messed around checking the shad spawn spots for bass for a couple hours had fun.

Setup for cats around 9-11am. Nothin doin. wind was brutal and cold. they were not in the spots I had found them Friday morning when the wind was south.

Around 11 wind shifted east decided to go back deep into elm creek, down to the 78 bridge in 1-2 ft of water. messed around for awhile, got stuck a few times, couldn't catch anything but saw tons of cats attacking the surface.

around 1pm headed out of elm creek sun was shining bright wind settled in to a steady 15mph northeast. Setup in some popular white bass spots caught 50 or so kept some for supper.