I know a lady who loves watching birds. Also in my time on the river fishing and filming, birds are often the most fascinating creatures to film.

Here the bass voice provides the solo. The AE Modular synth is limited to 5 octave range. Within that five octaves only three octaves or so are useful for quantized music.

The solo voice is driven by the rbss, random bit shift sequencer.

I'm always amazed at how the wavefolder makes a triangle wave sound like a harpsichord. The simple but powerful AD envelop keep the attack and decay length short here. Much like a harpsichord. The beauty in "West-coast" synthesis is the waveforms can be quite complex.

One of the challenges with analog sequencers: Sometimes the notes change without me doing anything. Never could sort it out during the recording, but I let it ride. That's the beauty of modular synthesis. Analog electronics is not plug-and-play. Temperature, humidity and gremlins can run the circuits amuck. This can cause a number "happy accidents" as we say.

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