In the last year or so I've gotten back into fishing big time. Years ago I built some Loomis rods and enjoyed it. This year I decided to build a few rods and bought some MHX rod blanks from Mudhole. The ones I build were really light and felt great. This past weekend I caught a little black drum (maybe 1.5 lbs) and I slipped on the boat and grabbed the rod too high and it snapped. (Now, I'm not saying it wasn't my fault but I'm pretty sure a Shakespeare Ugly Stick would not have suffered this fate, but of course it's a heavy beast and doesn't have the feel the MHX has.)

Anyway, Mudhole warrantees this rod and agreed to send me a new blank if I returned the two pieces of the broken tip and $15. Done. But here's the deal, the do not replace the rod - just the blank. So, $62.75 in reel seats, ferrules, handles etc., I have the components I need to rebuild the rod. $62.75 + $15 + $4.75 (mailing two rod tips) = $82,50 to fully replace the broken rod.

My question is this, what would a mainstream rod manufacturer (Shimano, Falcon, Lew's, etc.) charge for a rod of similar quality to the Mudhole? If this similar quality rod costs about what the original rod I built cost and provides a replacement warranty, I'm going to quit rod building and go with that brand!! Then, if it breaks, I get a whole rod back. If I have to spend $200+ for a similar rod, I'll keep putting them together![i][/i]