You Can Spool All Sizes of Your Komodo SS Baitcaster - No Problem!

The BEST decision i ever made was getting my own line spooler. I ended up getting a large Fishon Spooler from Sportsman Innovations. It does my spinners from 1,000 to 14,000 size. For conventionals & baitcasters i use the spooler as my line tensioner.

I'm slowly getting back into baitcasters. Now i did say slowly. Things have changed since i had my Lews from LL Bean when i was in Maine for a month getting lost off logger trails & fishing for Blues along the shorelines while avoiding lobster pot buoys (man i hate those black flies).

I plan to hit some local streams here in Hawaii & coastal inshore areas as well. In Hawaii you don't need a salt water fishing license but you do need a fresh water license. You can easily get one at a local Walmart store. I ended up giving away all my older fresh water gear to get new gear. Boy, giving away rods & reels was easier than i thought!

Since i already reviewed the larger Komodo 350 & 450 when they first came out years ago i thought completing my Komodo family was a good start. Waiting for new rod releases and other baitcasters. Also ordered new lures as well. Figured i'd start out fresh. My large Komodos can handle large local salt water species. Thought i'd show how to spool line on first. Never did it for a while but it's an easy process.

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