Decided To Get The Newest GT Ulua Rod by Okuma for 2021!

Along with this casting rod i matched it up with a Solterra SLX15CS Reel. I started using the original Okuma GT Ulua Rod from years back that was blue w/abalone inlay. Next came another blue model w/different stats that had no inlays. Now this rod is my newest Ulua Rod. The 1st Slider model. I like the light weight & SS butt. Still incorporates Hilo Style Guides.

Many shore casters don't know about the Solterra family of reels also by Okuma. I had the gold & black original that had a magnetic cast control. Now they come with dual Thrust Bearings for easy long distance casting. It's like trying to cast the original red Penn Senator 4/0 with Boca Bearings instead of factory originals. Yup, pretty exact comparison as i had it also years ago.

This is a nice balanced duo. I was latter chased out by the military parking their dive boat exactly in front of me without saying a word, or at least a warning that they were about to run over my lines or that they were going to work where i had already set-up. I don't mind finding a new spot, but it was rude that i had to reel in my line with no voice communications from the boat or the spotter kayak next to them.

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