The Taco Rod & Reel Portable Rod Rack w/Wall Mount-
This rack can accept up to 4 rigs. Very lightweight & keeps the rods aligned during transport. The immediate drawback was the rigs on the bottom, Without a leg system to elevate the front if you used spinners you'd be damaging the bail wires when placed on the ground. But after discovering this i still used it by either placing the rack in my utility wagon or on a 5gal bucket. I still use this for transferring my rigs across non-sandy areas as the sand might intrude into the reels on the bottom of the rack. With that in mind it has a place on my outings. Great for transferring my rigs to the boat as well. Comes with a wall mount so you can prepare your rigs the day before.

I purchased this item online to try & have no affiliation with this company.

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