Which Rockaway & Nesika Surf Rod Best Matches Your Needs?

The Rockaway Family of Surf Rods Have Grown Since 2017 Since Okuma Developer John Bretza First Revealed The Original Rockaways. Even though the Rocks were originally developed for the Surf Anglers off Oregon targeting Sea Perch the use and applications have spread Worldwide. Each brand of rod has it's unique user group.

The original Rockaway Surf Rods
Lightweight surf & shoreline applications. From casting weighted baited lines to light lures, flies & grubs. Starts at 0:05.

The Nesika Surf Rods (A price point Rock w/different components)
Though not a Rockaway in name this line incorporates the same features as the Rock but uses different components to lower the price & weight. I myself like this line & own more Nesikas than any other rods of the Rockaway Family. Starts at 4:35.

The Rockaway HD (The Powerhouse Surf Rods)
These rods are 70/30 split rather than the 50/50. The blend is 24/30 rather than 24ton carbon. I myself use the 9-1/2ft rod for popping/plugging & jigging. The 12ft model boasts an incredible 6-16oz casting range. I use my most powerful spinners on them. The Cedros 14000, Blue Azores 14000, Surf 8K Long Distance , Coronado Baitfeeder 80 & my most powerful Makaira 10000. Starts at 9:40.

The Rockaway SP (The Ultra-Lite rod)
Available in 2 models at 8'6". ML & Med. Weighs only 4oz & 4.4oz! My rods max rating is at 5/8oz but i use 3/4oz with no issues. Great for small spinners using 4-10lb test monofilament line. Starts at 13.20.

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