Got Hooked on Fishing These Surf Rods!

Years ago i spent $2G on 4 surf rods similar to these rods at a local fishing tackle shop in town. I couldn't believe how weak i was to do that (they did have an AWESOME salesperson who knew my weakness). They were good rods but when i broke it down i found them extremely over-priced. So i designed my own style of Surf Rod that incorporated everything i've ever wanted in a rod & projected a reasonable retail price for it. I wanted to fish the shorelines with an excellent inexpensive surf rod that wouldn't break the bank that i could travel with in a case.

This remained a project on the board until i met Jeff Robles of JRA. He liked some of my ideas and drawings. He then introduced me to John Bretza of Okuma who thought this might be a worthwhile project to follow. John did the work and sent me prototypes to follow-up on. After 6-months the final version was unveiled at the Izuo Brothers Product Show. It was there that Brian Kimata of Brian's Fishing Supply suggested the final alteration.

Finally the end product was finished. It was made through the combined input of some ingenious anglers & product designers. And the MSRP was a fair price. I'm glad that others can benefit from this versatile Surf Rod!

The HCS Custom Surf Rods feature fast and responsive 30-ton carbon surf rod blanks, 3-pcs blank configuration for easy transportation. Each Hawaiian Custom Surf rods is shipped with a padded rod sleeve for storage and easy transportation. Another great feature is a the Grip Pad above and below the ferrule connections making assembly and taking the rods apart easy even with wet hands.

Fast and responsive 30-ton carbon surf rod blanks

3-pc blank configuration for easy transportation

Custom carbon fiber pipe with Fuji reel seat hoods

Fuji 3-legged, deep pressed Low Rider guide frames

Fuji’s Alconite inserts for hardness and abrasion resistance

Counter balancing weight system in rear butt cap

Non slip shrink tube grips above and below reel seat

Ergonomic EVA tapered rear grip for leverage while casting

Comes standard with Fine Stitched Thickly Padded Rod Case housing all 3-pieces

Above each ferrule connection is a "Grip Pad" for wet handed operational ease

HCS Custom Surf rods are backed by a limited lifetime warranty

The HCS Surf Rods are built for long casting and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty

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