"Bonk Em All" Kill Bags by Mustad!

I would like to thank Mustad for my recent box of samples. The box was sent from the Mustad Dominican Republic factory yesterday & arrived this afternoon. Got some requested hooks for bait casting & Tungsten casting flipping weights.

This new Mustad M38 ADX Kill Bag supersedes the older MB028 white insulated fish bag that was a trapezoid shape. These current bags keep selling out Worldwide (took me months to get mine). The $59.99 MSRP might have something to do with that. My Mustad representative just contacted me telling me that Mustad can't keep these bags in stock. I was just informed that local Hawaiian fishing tackle giant Tokunagas just put in an order for these bags. They're available in white or red.

These Kill Bags are made from 500Denier PVC Tarpaulin & has a HD screw type drain plug on the bottom. Also has a heavy duty double nylon 2" strap handle. Measures 38" long by 15" high & 8" wide. Great for fishing trips, carrying ice, going to parties or as a space saver for the kayakers. I'm pretty sure by the end of this year many local anglers will be showing off their bag as well. It's coming!

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