I've tried this before with not much success, but giving it one last shot. I'm 53, retired Air Force, and own my own business. I can get out a couple of times a week and on weekends. Been fishing tournaments my whole life. Took a 5 year break and getting back to where I was. My wife is awesome and doesn't care if I go and never sets a time to come back. She knows I'm a diehard and will stay all day just to fish. Just bass and some crappie fishing at times, but 99% bass fishing. Now that most tournaments are over, it seems like a good time to find someone to prepare for next year. I own a 2020 Nitro Z20 pro with Livescope, Mega 360, and other electronics. Would prefer someone with their own boat so we could use them both to prefish and take a little wear and tear off using one. I live in Rockwall so I have Hubbard Tawakoni, and Fork pretty close. I'm not familiar with lakes west of Dallas, but I'm up for going anywhere. If you're interested in going out and seeing if we're compatible, let me know. I know it's a long shot, but there's got to be someone out there in the same situation. Shoot me a PM if interested.


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