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My first run of 90 of each of these just came in "hot off the press" after working out all the logistics with Mepps (whom I really appreciate working with).

The impetus for this new version of the MAL Heavy came primarily from several fellows over on Lake Tawakoni who asked/begged/prayed/prodded for an MAL with a chartreuse blade.

So, I was like a kid in a candy store this morning getting to try it out for the first time.

I had two inexperienced kids on board, and my first priority was their success, but on the occasions I got to drop my own new bait down amongst the fish showing on Garmin LiveScope, I was very pleased to see this new creation work well.

Details about the new MAL Heavy are found here: MAL Heavy

An anonymous donor picked up the tab for Blake (11) and Shona (12) to go on a back-to-school fishing trip to finish out their summer.

I believe the kids liked the new lure, too!

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