Hello all, new to the forum but love the content so far.

I have a 1993 Cajun 150 Travis edition and need to do some improvements and repairs but I can't get my big [censored] in to some of the areas I need to access.

Need to replace the bilge pump, I cannot even find it yet but with some more searching I should be able to trace the outlet tubing back to the pump itself.

Need to fix a leak through the transom, one leak is the drain overflow from the back live well. That I should be able to reach, hopefully.

Need to pull the front deck to re-secure my trolling motor as I had a bolt snap off. Would like to redo some wiring up there also.

Are those decks just screwed down or are they also glued? I really don't want to have to break my plywood decks as they are still in perfect condition.

This boat has been garage kept and is excellent condition but the electronics are needing replacement. I finally fixed my motor issues, broken fuel connector to the motor, that caused me tons of grief trying to troubleshoot that issue.

Thanks for any words of wisdom.