Field Testing The Casting Trigger & Alijos Conventional Reel!

Everything worked out well today (except the rain & +30mph winds). I know Triggers would work but i had no idea how well until today! Now i'm spoiled, i can't see not ever casting a conventional/multiplier reel ever again without a Casting Trigger!

The Trigger placement centers the weight in a fulcrum effect that makes my rig feel like there's no weight involved. I'm using my Okuma HCS 14'2" Surf Rod at 20.6oz w/a 5oz bank plus the prototype Alijos reel at 28.6oz (without the line). In other words the rigs weight doesn't feel like it's there as my index finger placement distributes the awkward weight distribution onto my right hand & arm. All this in stormy conditions casting a whole 1/2lb Scad for bait as well.

I have no obligations to John Truong or Boiling Tuna. I'm just testing his triggers. And i'm impressed. Truly.

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