The Nesika Family of Spinning Rods! 9ft! 10ft! 12ft!

Okuma's Nesika Surf Rod line will compliment the Rockaway Surf Rod Line. They both incorporate the same blank & have UFR technology for increased rod strength. Comes in 3 lengths of 9', 10' & 12'. Each length has 2 strengths of Medium & Med/Hvy. So 6 models all together. The Nesika has the same blank as the Rockaway except that the components are different.

The original Rockaway series was made for the Sea Perch Surf Casters of Oregon. The Hawaiian market loved these rods for whipping "spin casting". The Nesika incorporates a depressed guide w/Zirconium inserts over the Rockaways K-Guides. Also the Rocks have a tapered shrink tube grip over the Nesika's Eva Split Grip handle. I've used both before the released dates & found nothing wrong with neither units. Thanks to JRA for these samples.

Whipping/Spin Casting anglers have different concerns over bait dunkers. Using the right line & casting the proper weights are crucial. Type of line & diameters/strengths are personal preference. This is my first in depth review of the 9ft Nesika as i normally use the 10' & 12'-

Model# Nesika 9ft NSK-S-902MH
Foregrip Length: 5-1/2in
Line Weight: 12-20lbs
Lure Weight" 3/4-2oz
Number of Guides: 5 + Tip
Reargrip Length: 19in
Rod Length: 9ft 0in
Rod Power: MH
Rod Taper: MF
Sections: 2pcs
Weight: 7.4oz

Sorry i wasn't lucky enough to land a fish today. Got a late start & the winds were up. Just wanted to fine tune my set-up. For the 9ft Nesika a 3K or 4K spinner using 10lb to 15lb braid will do. I used 20lb fluorocarbon leader but 10lb or 15lb will suffice. A 6ft leader was much easier to manage vs a 8ft due to its length. I use longer leaders for longer lengths. A casting weight of 1oz felt perfect. Thanks to Jeff Robles Associates for supplying these beautiful rods to review. Jeff supplies most of the major Sporting Good stores across the West to Mid USA with outdoor sporting equipment from knives to fishing gear.

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