Great For Gripping Wet Fishing Rods to Golf Clubs! I'll Show How to Properly Apply it!

Winn Grips are popular rod wraps for fresh water casting rods. But nobody entertained the idea of using it for salt water usage. I've been using my first Winn Grips for 3yrs now. On my last 2 outings the outer surface has started to separate. Three years for me is like +10yrs for the average angler.

When i go plugging & jigging my rods are wrapped with Winn Grips. But if the handles are thick i don't use wraps as it'll increase the radius of the gripping area & that'll create "arthritic" symptoms of the ligaments stretching more. I know, i've tried. The radius of my Okuma 9'6" Shoreline Plugger is for Med applications thus the radius is thin enough to apply Winn Grips too.

So i thought i'd show anglers how to apply these wraps. Mr Jeff Robles of Jeff Robles & Associates, Inc was kind enough to send me some samples to try on my Okuma rigs from 3yrs ago.

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