Hardly a breeze in sight, but also no top water bite for us. The water temp has pretty much caught up to where it is supposed to be and it got real hot real fast today. But the fish were biting for most all.
The MLF format counts every fish over 10" including slots . We fish three rotating sections on Lake Fork every other Thursday daytime about 22 times a year...

We fished section 2 today.


1st Charlie Abresch of Hawkins with 10 bass for 24.97 LB with the boater lunker of 4.68 LB
2nd Tim Gold of Mineola with 5 bass for 12.93 LB. with a 4.22 LB lunker.
3rd Jack White of Farmers Branch with 8 bass for 12.12 Lb with a 3.95 LB lunker .
4th Randy Bunch of Lake Fork with 8 bass for 10.52 Lb with a 3.62 LB lunker.
5th Herb Powell of Lake Fork with 6 for 8.41 Lb with a 1.87 LB lunker.

Co Anglers

1st Rick Wright of Rowlett with 9 bass for 27.01 LB with the co-angle lunker of 6.89 LB.
2nd Tom Whitrock of Lake Fork with 10 bass for 15.39 LB with a 3.09 LB lunker.
3rd New member Earl Plummer of Lake Fork with 6 bass for12.16 LB with a 2.88 LB lunker.
4th Jimmie Bright of Frisco with 3 bass for 6.92 LB with a 3.02 LB lunker.
5th Bob Lambert of Lake Fork with 4 bass for 6.73 LB with a 2.36 LB lunker.

72 bass were caught. 4 anglers were skunked. We started our summer hours today which is 6 AM until noon and not a day to early. It was 96 with no wind when we got off the water. Whew!

For information on Joining the Lake Fork Anglers PM me on here or send an inquiry to sjbasser@gmail.com. We only fish on Thursdays daytime at Lake Fork.
Dues is $5 a year and tournaments are $15, We are currently looking for boaters. BOATERS FISH FOR FREE. Get in now and you will not have to start as a co-angler.

Lake Fork Anglers
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Daytime Tournaments.

Lake Fork Sportsman's Association

We are VERY PROUD of our Induction into the
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