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#12289551 - 06/12/17 07:38 AM Tournament Manners ?
Ol'geezer Offline

Registered: 07/15/14
Posts: 37
Loc: Sachse, Texas
I went to my local lake (Lavon) Saturday Morning. Showed up at ramp around 5:30 am to my surprise the ramp was empty but lane to get there was blocked with a line all the way through parking lot. Got boat ready to launch, I'm by myself . I'm slow, turned off lights, put boat in on side, to be out of their way. Still got dirty looks. 5:55 am went on pad headed to a spot for top water fishing and got almost ran over by one of the tournament guy's going to same point. He beat me there no problem I went up in cove , tried to talk to the man and he wouldn't even let me know which direction he was going to fish. another boat came up and they started talking ( I asked if this was the first time fishing Lavon? )They didn't answer, I left and went to dam to fish rip-rap a couple of hours later one of the boats I just left came between me and the bank ( I was around 30 yards from bank)tying on different lure. Question is DO TOURNAMENT FISHERMAN HAVE PRECEDENT OVER LOCALS ?

#12289571 - 06/12/17 07:53 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
joebass2 Offline
TFF Team Angler

Registered: 12/11/04
Posts: 4229
Loc: Lewisville, texas
Apparently the wannabes, in their opinion, do have precedent. Gotta remember, in their mind, they're fishing the Bassmaster Classic every time they hit the water.

#12289577 - 06/12/17 07:55 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
Bass&More Offline
TFF Guru

Registered: 06/04/08
Posts: 10300
Loc: Jack County
If you see these two items, Yes Tournament fisherman have precedent and you should yield the water


#12289580 - 06/12/17 07:56 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
9094 Offline
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 08/11/09
Posts: 7878
Loc: Albany
No. But there are a lot of guys that pull in on you or block you and they don't speak because they know they done you wrong.

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#12289599 - 06/12/17 08:15 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
PlanoTom Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 08/06/12
Posts: 589
It seems like most tournament guys don't have manners because those are the ones you notice. While someone is being a jerk to you, lots of other teams are off doing their own thing, respecting other fishermen. Something about the competition makes some people lose their manners, I guess. It would probably bother me more if I wasn't just fun fishing.

I've had a few bad experiences but here's one I had at the High School championship on Ray Roberts. A boat with one angler was fishing up and down a bank. I couldn't tell which way he was going so I told him that I didn't want to cut him off so which way was he going? The boy said that I could go on either side and he would fish the other way. He also threw in lots of "sirs" along the way. I told him that he could have the whole bank and I moved on to another area. Good behavior should be rewarded.

#12289642 - 06/12/17 08:46 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
Frank the Tank Online   content
TFF Guru

Registered: 02/27/13
Posts: 24225
Loc: Hideaway, TX
My favorite part with tourney guys is the cold silent stare through their sunglasses as you idle by and wave or smile being friendly. They don't have time for that nonsense. I also love the 5'6" guy in the jacked up truck with the 21 foot Ranger or Skeeter. Those guys are my favorite. ....... "secret"...... safe. wink
sinner..... saved by grace I don't deserve

#12289647 - 06/12/17 08:48 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
Mark Perry Online   content

Registered: 01/09/04
Posts: 53958
Loc: Highway 1
Tournament anglers don't have precedent. The guys that are jerks when fishing tournaments are also jerks when just fun fishing. Its their nature. I have had just as much rude behavior from recreational folks so I would not paint too big a stripe with the brush.

We had boat trouble as soon as we launched at Bass Champs on Tawakoni last weekend. We had to use trolling motor most of the day. We had one area that was good sized to work. We were on the inside of the spot and another boat was on the outside. They started catching fish so we made damn sure we stayed out of their way and just fished that inside cut. We were not gonna go around the point even though they were far enough away where we could have. They were going up and down it. Never had a single issue with them at all and the area kicked out limits for both of us though obviously the better bite was on the outside of it. It was frustrating to see them get more and bigger bites than us and knowing we were limited on where we could go but no way we would encroach on them.
Also later in day we moved out on the point leading into the creek. Saw a guy dragging a roadbed fishing out towards the main lake so we cut up shallow on the bank and started fishing some willows. Almost as soon as I made the first cast I realized I had misjudged the direction he was travelling. Stopped fishing, apologized when he got close enough to hear us and told him we would get out of his way. He insisted we stay and fish the spot. Made some small talk, joked around and he even cheered when we caught a few fish there and they culled out a couple. Really nice guy and while we were both in the same event it goes to show not all tournament guys are jerks. A little common courtesy and respect go a long way.

Few years back when Media Individual was drawing large numbers I had my sunglasses blow off my dash in the last event of the year early that morning. Came across the guy that was leadig AOY at the far end of the lake and the sun was high and bright. He asked me how was I fishing with sunglasses. Told him what heappened and he insisted on him running back down to marina to get a spare pair of his truck. I appreciated his offer but refused.

Point is lots of good people out there fishing tournaments.

#12289658 - 06/12/17 08:53 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
Shallow Waters Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 01/03/17
Posts: 548
This is absolutely ridiculous, this board has assured us that this kind of behavior only happens in High School Tournaments, and there aren't any of those going on right now.

#12289661 - 06/12/17 08:55 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
BMCD Offline
TFF Team Angler

Registered: 11/01/02
Posts: 4267
Loc: Katy, Texas US
You know I have had people try to talk to me, most of the time i cannot understand them. Guess my hearing is getting worse.

#12289662 - 06/12/17 08:55 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
buda13 Online   happy

Registered: 07/02/04
Posts: 18601
Loc: NRH, TX
I fish wearing only a florescent thong, nobody ever seems to fish close to me.... nuts

#12289671 - 06/12/17 08:58 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Shallow Waters]
Mark Perry Online   content

Registered: 01/09/04
Posts: 53958
Loc: Highway 1
Originally Posted By: Shallow Waters
This is absolutely ridiculous, this board has assured us that this kind of behavior only happens in High School Tournaments, and there aren't any of those going on right now.

Guess I missed the posts that specifically stated its only HS events that have stuff like this happen. I did see a couple of HS events get pointed out just the same as it gets pointed out in other non HS events.

#12289679 - 06/12/17 09:01 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
Tracker Tim Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 09/25/06
Posts: 2794
Loc: Murphy, TX
I was out there also Saturday morning. Had some crappie guys do the same thing to me. I just shook my head knowing they didnt have a clue. Take a picture next time.

#12289688 - 06/12/17 09:05 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
James Biggs Online   content
TFF Team Angler

Registered: 07/11/06
Posts: 3058
Loc: DFW area
When I was touring & a local was fishing where I wanted to I'd let him know I was fishing for $100,000 & ask him if I could fish around him. On the flip side I've had non tournament anglers anchor literally where I could step into their boat. I was there an hour before they pulled up. I've seen on the he water courtesy go both ways. As a whole the lower level tournaments/big bass get the worst bad behavior from the anglers.

#12289735 - 06/12/17 09:23 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
Chuck72 Offline

Registered: 02/02/16
Posts: 206
Loc: Robert Lee, Tx
I would not limit this type of behavior to just Tournament Anglers. Sunday on Lake Spence a Red Skeeter put a wave over my bow in Paint Creek. Figure they were not in a tournament since they got there around 1:00, although at least one of them did have on a jersey as noted above. He came off plane for the boat right before me then jumped on plane right before he got to me. Dipped my bow under water on the second wave. The creek is 40 yards wide at the most where I was fishing. I started to chase them down and give them a piece of my mind, but I realized not everyone has manners or common sense. I also have a tendency to escalate situations rapidly so it was best to just let it go. It was probably not intentional and he more than likely has no clue what he did, there is still no excuse as ignorance kills just as much as recklessness.

I just don't understand what is so difficult about showing a little common courtesy and applying some common sense on the water. I am not sure if it is ignorance or a lack of manners that drives this behavior. Someone should write a book on Fishing etiquette.
2005 Charger 496TF 300 Yamaha HPDI.

#12289835 - 06/12/17 10:15 AM Re: Tournament Manners ? [Re: Ol'geezer]
fish4bass Online   content
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 11/10/02
Posts: 9331
Loc: North Tx, USA
Originally Posted By: Ol'geezer
I went to my local lake (Lavon) Saturday Morning. Showed up at ramp around 5:30 am to my surprise the ramp was empty but lane to get there was blocked with a line all the way through parking lot.

I have run into this at Jordan Park on Roberts. All four ramps empty but blocked by a tourney waiting for launch time. I just went down the exit lane the wrong way and launched to the dismay of the "pro's".

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