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Texas City Dike

Posted By: Jagcoachretired

Texas City Dike - 09/20/22 03:28 PM

Coming down this weekend. Anyone having some success on the rocky side?
Posted By: V-Bottom

Re: Texas City Dike - 09/22/22 04:07 PM

Actually there is rocks on both sides, but you are referring to the South side. If I was you, and I have fished that place over 20 years, go to the very end. Anywhere between the Big Range Marker and the very end is where I always went after the Lighted Pier was washed away by IKE. $10 entry fee Fri-Sunday and Holidays, unless you live in Texas City with the approved w/s sticker. Can't give you a fishing report.....but their is always something happening. Bring plenty of tackle. If your not use to fishing the "rocks" you may get hung up a lot. No bait camps on the Dike, only at the entrance.
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