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Topwater hook replacement and bait hooks

Posted By: Naggler

Topwater hook replacement and bait hooks - 07/12/21 12:57 AM

Headed to PINS area in mid August and after reading some great threads, I think I will try to do some early topwater fishing. I know sargassum can be a pain there sometimes and want to be as prepared as possible. Got me a couple Halco Roosta Poppers 105 model...if I wanted to replace the trebles with single hooks, what type/size do yall recommend? What size circle hooks for bait rigs targeting pomps/reds/eater drum? I plan on throwing out anything I can catch for bait along with some fish bites...may even try to pump some ghost shrimp. Got my bait thread as recommended as well. Thanks in advance! cheers
Posted By: Naggler

Re: Topwater hook replacement and bait hooks - 07/12/21 01:02 AM

Also, I have been watching Nick from Breakaway Tackle on youtube for years and would like to go by his shop and try some of their rigs. Anybody have experience with his single or double hook rigs? Any tips there?
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