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galveston jetty

Posted By: hornedfrog

galveston jetty - 05/26/21 02:25 AM

if yur visiting galveston and want to fish the jetty what ramp would yu recommend. thanks
Posted By: TXanalogkd

Re: galveston jetty - 05/26/21 04:06 PM

How big is your boat and what part of Galveston? I would launch from the old Fat Boy's ramp near Tiki Island. It's free and depending on the tide, you can launch some big boats. Also, if you do not mind driving, use the Texas City dike. On weekends you will have to pay to drive on the TCD but it's centrally located to the jetties and surrounding bays. Also, you have two bait camps for your choice of bait.
Posted By: nautiboy

Re: galveston jetty - 05/27/21 03:39 PM

if i'm on the island , i would use galveston yacht basin . they do have a proof of insurance requirement as well as a $2 per ft of boat length fee . call them to be sure . bait is available there also . next closest option would probabely be the texas city dike . use the boat ramp down closer to the end , on the left . leave NOTHING in your vehicle . lots of people use this ramp , at times it gets pretty interesting , although vehicle break-ins are not every day , they do happen . further up is eagle point in san leon . ramp is a little shallow , but i've seen many a 22 to 24 deep v hulls put in there with little trouble , just get in the middle . good luck
Posted By: V-Bottom

Re: galveston jetty - 05/27/21 05:18 PM

Tx City Dike..at the far end. Go anywhere from there and good parking and great ramps. There is a fee on weekends to get on the Dike..$10 for out of town'ers.. As for Fat Boy's..I personally would shy away from that place bc of thieves. Watch the weather Saturday. BTW, bait is available at the base of the Dike..Boyd's One Stop...tackle/bait but NO BOOZE sold there.
Posted By: 22fisherman

Re: galveston jetty - 05/28/21 03:00 PM

Galveston Yacht Basin
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