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Surfside Forecast for next week

Posted By: Sponxx

Surfside Forecast for next week - 05/28/20 08:29 PM

Although I will fish anytime I get the chance (which is not much) I have recently started to pay a little more attention to the forecast. I will be going to the beach with the family and seems like E and NE winds may be somewhat helpful. Anything I should try based on the expected conditions to catch something in the surf? I usually will use fishbites and dead shrimp on the bottom, and setup the kids rods the same way, but I am wondering if the water is greenish and flat, I should try something different?
I won't be there at daybreak, but thinking maybe gulp shrimp under a cork? or silver spoons?
does croaker or live shrimp work as well during daytime?

Posted By: BrockstaRama

Re: Surfside Forecast for next week - 05/30/20 06:36 AM

Early mornings and the water will be green so you can catch em however you please. I prefer top
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