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Headed to Corpus/Copano Bay Area

Posted By: thresher61

Headed to Corpus/Copano Bay Area - 05/03/20 01:46 AM

Hey everyone, taking the boat out to do a little trout, Flounder, Red fishing, 1st time in salt down there anyway. I am gonna do a little wade fishing too. Anyone down that area give me a few good flounder spots and maybe a good trout area. I live in Keller 7 hour drive so you won’t catch me fishing your spots every day, I hv my spots for the hotter months, & I gig the hotter months for my flounder. Gonna maybe try in Copano in the bay side of the bridge to start off and the work my way up and around redfish point off the point there is a good size well head down on the bottom sticks up if I remember correctly 3’-5” and I pick up nice sized trout there and inside the finger at Redfish point usually pick up a couple nice flounder and 5+lb trout, then fish my way down to dead end at airport road flats, load up and head someplace other. Maybe big tree flats are around goose island park.
Anyone down there turn me on the a couple other spots, hard to learn spots only going. 1-2 times a month. Usually spend best half the day learning kinda where to go. Gotta go slow cause never know what’s under there. Wished I lived closer but I don’t. Any help would be greatly appreciated, taking a babe with me and she suggested we play strip fishing, she’s never been on a serious trip or so she says dunno, I said I’m Game. It would like her to catch a few fish anyway. Keep your eye open for us, in a 21’ yellow fin center console bout 12.years old, I will fly my Blue 3%er flag only 2’x3’ thanks if you would pm me no one will get your spots . I so do appreciate any help, will be out the Tue, Wed, after Mother’s Day thanks again for any help, thresher
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