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Cool front

Posted By: jhayden1194

Cool front - 10/10/19 03:06 PM

Hello all, long time reader and first time poster!

I'm thinking of heading down to Corpus this weekend (Oct. 12th) with a buddy but I'm not sure how this cool front coming on Friday would affect the bite on Saturday. We don't have a boat unfortunately so it'll mostly be jetty or if we can get our hands on some kayaks. Any help would be greatly appreciated on how the rain on Friday and temperature drop would affect things! Thanks.
Posted By: RonL

Re: Cool front - 10/10/19 03:23 PM

Only thing I can mention is about the weather . I live in W.Texas and 25-35mph wind is suppose to hit here tonight around 10pm and Friday morings low is suppose to hit 40 degs and weatherman says could be around 30 with windchill . Now whether or not that happens remains to be seen or felt wink wink . But depending how low the jet stream goes south before it turns north will determine how it effects all the way down to the coast . I've seen it do this in the past and be in the 40s' here and windy for two days and it be in the 70s' or higher with a mild breeze on the coast . I'd probably say go enjoy your trip but maybe take a jacket or coat just incase you do need it . But if that wind reaches the coast I wouldn't get off shore in any kayak .
Posted By: Jerry713

Re: Cool front - 10/10/19 03:24 PM

Welcome to the forum!

As far as the front goes the biggest issue you'll face Saturday is the wind or the results of. Jetty fishing is out of the question if the waves turn out to be 5' as predicted. Kayak fishing early Saturday will be tough with winds still gusting to 20 mph. Saturday afternoon the winds are forcasted to lay some to 10 mph. The winds also tend to push bait fish into pockets that can be hidden from the north wind. If you can find those pockets from the shore that would be ideal. The Rincon channel is one of those areas. If you're set up to wade fish you can park here and wade out into the channel.

If you're looking for kayaks Dean at Slow Ride rents them. Here is his website. He also does guided trips too.
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