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Posted By: FishPhd

Jig Head Source - 10/10/19 02:51 PM

I am looking for someone who sells unpainted or painted jig heads in the 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 oz category. I need plated, saltwater hooks, around 2/0 (not black nickel for the flash). I tie my own jigs with long, sparce tails and some flash (flashiboo, or mylar) added. I have been buying lima bean and arrow head jig heads, and I use them for king and Spanish mackerel in the Gulf off SW Florida.

I used to by them from Slevad jigs, but they now no longer are in business and do not reply to email or order inquiries.

Here is why I am posting here in Texas............... a little less than a year ago I found a takle shop in Texas that sells a variety of jig heads and tied jigs, mostly from DoIt molds. I called the owner and he was willing to custom make jig heads with saltlwater hooks of the right size.

However, I lost the information about that jig maker tackle shop. I have a new phone and my phone records do not go back that far. I have tried and tried to remember the name of the shop, and I have Googled my brains out trying to find it with no luck. The shop was located inland, not near the coast, maybe outside of the Dallas area. All I can remember is that it had a humerous name.

Can anyone here please lead me to that shop again...or if not, give me information for another jig maker that I can order from?

As long as I am posting here about looking for jigs, there is something else I have been trying to find, and maybe it could be found in or around Texas. Many years ago here in Florida there was a kind of jig locally called a sidewinder that was the best jig for mackerel, especially from piers. The jig looked kind of like a very elongated shad dart, with the slope of the nose of the jig opposite from typical shad darts. It sloped down on the top of the jig toward the front tip (shad darts usuall slope up to the tip from the lower side). The orginal sidewinders had the hook horizontal on one side, not vertical with the eye of the hook. Later versions had a standard vertical hook, but the hook could be twisted and bent horizontal to make the jig stay deeper and move from side to side, instead of up and down when jigged hard.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

Posted By: JackCaster

Re: Jig Head Source - 10/14/19 10:58 PM

Might try stores.mtpocketstackle.com. In the DFW area and has lots of jig/jigheads. Good to deal with. Fast online service. Great products.
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